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Monday, July 17, 2017

Chasing Secrets

I read a lot of books.  Over the years I’ve read a lot of crime and mystery novels.

After awhile they all pretty much read the same and I usually figure out the plot before I finish a book-if I finish a book.

Very seldom do I read a book and find myself surprised-especially when it comes to crime novels.

Lynette Eason’s new ‘Elite Guardians Chasing Secrets’ book from Revell/Baker Publishing Group, surprised me.

I was not expecting to be surprised, but I was.  It was delightful.

To be sure the book has many of the elements of a good romance suspense novel but author Eason managed to use those elements in a new and unique way to craft a story that kept me glued to my seat, soaking in each page.

In ‘Chasing Secrets’ Elite Guardian body guard Haley Callaghan finds herself knee-deep in a mystery.

Someone is trying to kill her, but for what reason?  Does it have something to do with an encounter she had with a vengeful street thug, her shadowy past or is it something else entirely?

Mystery and intrigue abound as Haley slowly pieces together the pieces and finally puts together the puzzle involving her life, her profession and her past.

Along the way a romance blossoms, a tragedy turns to triumph and (here’s the big surprise) God gets the glory!

It is refreshing to read a crime novel where foul language is absent, morals are applauded and God is honored.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading others in the series.