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Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Miss Comic Books

I miss buying and reading new comic books.
I had to swear off buying comic books because having retired two years ago I can’t afford to buy them.  At $4 a pop, it adds up.

Plus, I read a comic book in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Another reason I stopped buying comic books was that I was not enjoying them.

DC and Marvel (titles I bought the most of) were (at the time) going through so many changes, rearrangements, continuity adjustments and so forth that I couldn’t keep up and felt as if what I loved about them was disappearing.

DC Comics tried to adjust and fix things with its relaunch: Rebirth, but Marvel changed its books so much I barely recognized them.

Diehard fans were not pleased and it appears Marvel is bringing back its original cast of characters with ‘Legacy’ this fall.

Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Valiant and other smaller publishers look to be turning out some good product-but, the cost is too high for my wallet.

I try to keep up with Trade Paperback reprints at the library, but those tend to be erratic in distribution at best. 

Another big reason I stopped buying comic books is that it’s not about collecting anymore—it’s all about the money.

Much like the ‘Speculator Craze’ of the early 1990s, people are purchasing comic books to cash in.  

Grading, condition and exclusivity are the driving forces behind comic book purchases nowadays.

Collectors, like me, who buy comic books to read them and enjoy them, are rare.  Too many collectors see dollar signs and forget that reading comic books is about escapism.

Political correctness and diversity have crept into comic books and (quite frankly) have a lot of people upset.  Not that’s there is anything wrong with either, but to overplay and preach both gets old and irritating.  

Unfortunately speculation and collector fever have invaded other hobbies like toys, games, etc. and like comic books prices have sky-rocketed to unrealistic heights.

I really don’t know if there is a solution.  As long as there are ways to make a quick buck via speculation and collectors are willing to pay high prices, things will continue as they are.

I only hope that the end result is that collecting comic books and other pop culture items doesn’t hit a plateau and bottoms out.