Monday, July 31, 2017

It’s Alive!

Kirk Hammett is my kind of collector.  He loves classic horror and sci-fi movie posters.

His collection is spotlighted in the new book from Shira Rizzoli/Peabody Essex Museum called ‘It’s Alive!’ edited by Daniel Finamore.

Featuring a cover reminiscent of the old EC Comics Horror Comics, the ‘It’s Alive!’ title text is spot-varnished to make it pop off the front cover!

Kirk Hammett of the Rock and Roll group: Metallica is a huge fan of classic horror and sci-fi films and his collection is impressive.

Starting with such classics as Dracula, Frankenstein and other films
from the Universal Studio monster classics film series the book proceeds to travel through the decades and examines classic Cold War monster films, sexy sixties sci-fi fantasies and all the way up to present day with such films as Alien.

As a lover of monster and sci-fi films I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read and absorb the fascinating text and see the classic posters.

The book is a real visual treat and if you’re anyone like me it brings back many childhood and young adolescent memories.

They just don’t make films like that anymore.  More’s the pity!