Thursday, July 27, 2017

Movies, Aliens, Robots, Cyborgs, Heroes and Story

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am a HUGE comic book and movie fan.

In fact, at one point in my life I considered being a comic book artist (yes, I can draw) and/or becoming part of the movie industry.

The problems I encounter with many of the books about how to draw for comic books or create characters is that the books tend to be overboard when it comes to explaining how to do each.

There really isn’t that much involved.  You simply have to know how to draw (almost anything) and how to tell a story using panels.

Comic book illustration is much like staging a film, only artists use paper, not film.

The Rosen Publishing Group Company, Inc./PowerKids presents two books about how to draw and tell stories that simplifies matter in fun and entertaining ways.

Mark Bergin’s ‘How To Draw Comic Book Heroes’ is a great resource for up-and-coming comic book artists.

The book explains in easy-to-understand text and clear, concise drawings everything a young artist needs to know to get started.

Subjects covered begin with perspective, drawing materials, creating heroes of all shapes, sizes and types using simple geometric shapes and ending with full illustrations.

So what do you do with your characters?

Frank Lee writes and illustrates a very compelling sequence explaining the elements of the page, panels, composition, telling a story and much more in his ‘Telling A Story In Your Graphic Novel’.

I have to tell you this book is probably the best example of how to draw comics that is easy to comprehend and understand.

Movies, ya gotta luv ‘em!

I especially love Monster and Science fiction movies.

And what make them so interesting?  Throw in some Aliens, Robots and Cyborgs and you are guaranteed a good time at the movie theater.

David Kassnoff in his ‘Robots and Cyborgs’ book, part of the ‘Greatest Movie Monsters’ series, delves into the mechanical monstrosities that fascinate movie goers.

Starting with classic creations such as Maria from Metropolis, Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet and other mechanized marvels such as The Terminators, the Star Wars Droids, The Transformers and many more the book is a tour-de-force of technological terrors.

Equally impressive is Greg Roza’s ‘Aliens’ book with such creatures as Aliens, Gort, Martians, The Thing and many more outer space monsters.

Both books are filled with fascinating text and black and white and full color photos and offer fun reads.

For the hopeful movie director check out Mary R. Dunn’s ‘I Want To Make Movies'.

The small hardback book offers a short and concise glimpse of what many would consider a ‘Dream Job’.

Kids will get a kick out of seeing their favorite stars, characters and movies along with tips on costuming, directing, sets and much, much more movie magic.