Monday, July 24, 2017

Never Give Up!

This last week I got a big surprise.

My blog used to average about 5,000 readers.  Last month it skyrocketed to 25,000!

Not only that, my Facebook page has steadily grown in readership in that same time period. holds pretty steady at 500,000 visitors.

All these numbers are encouraging.  So much so, that I’ve decided to push for more readership with greater fervor.

Truth be told I am tired of taking second place to Johnny-come-lately websites, blogs, YouTube channels and other social media review outlets that have existed fraction of my time spent reviewing: over 25 years!

It’s time that publishers and manufacturers stop kowtowing and catering to individuals and social media outlets that have no track records.

Give me a break!  There is no way that a newly formed website can suddenly have of a million visitors!  Or a YouTube channel that boasts daily viewers in the millions!

Someone is cheating the numbers.  I know it and they know it that falsifying viewer/visitor numbers can be falsified by either using software or by over-inflating tracking statistics.

I speak from experience when I say that I’ve pulled up my website and blog on literally dozens of ‘traffic’ tracking sites and the numbers vary greatly.

In fact, many of the sites will only give you statistics if you download their program and pay for it.

Social media has become a joke.  Since when does someone clicking on your link, never reading your website or blog content or accessing your sites from a third party count as a viable audience?

Enough is enough!  I refuse to stop soliciting companies for review material and being told that product is not available because my website or blog audience is not large enough.

When I write reviews that is just what they are-a reviews: thorough, concise and honest reviews.  Not  ‘isn’t that cool’ or ‘that’s awesome’ inane dribble of useless banter without any substance.

Whatever happened to true analysis, observation and insight?

I’ve been a collector for a long time.  I’ve seen reviewers come and go and companies spring up and fade away.

I’ve probably written over two million words of reviews (I’ve got the hard copies to prove it).
I’m 64 years old and have been a collector for most of that time.

I don’t need neophytes mucking up things with ‘feel good’ reviews and opinions.  I am a ‘fan man’ not a ‘fan boy’.

For over 35 years I was employed, or taught marketing, commercial art, package design and media.  I know how it all works and I appreciate the hard work it goes into creating books, comic books, toys, etc.

It’s not all about bright colors and cool images.  It comes down to hard work-work which I appreciate and try to represent in my reviews when appropriate.

Unfortunately collecting nowadays has come down to mostly money.  More and more collectors are in it for the money, not the joy of collecting itself.

While I appreciate the value of a dollar I don’t need to watch or read reviews where the mighty dollar and profit is included.
Frankly I don’t care how much a comic book is or toy is worth. And I sure don’t want to listen or read a review where someone is bragging about how much their stash is worth.
Good for them, but don’t rub it in.
I realize I’m ranting but I hate to see collecting devolving into a fad.
I’m fed up with trying to compete against people who know little or nothing about what they are talking about.
I want to read (yes read!) good solid reviews or listen to someone who has a working knowledge about what they are talking about.

I heard an interesting statement today on of all things: YouTube.  A YouTuber whom I enjoy watching (he’s actually interesting) mentioned that he believes that YouTube is about to be oversaturated and is in danger of burning out.

I agree.  There are far too many YouTube accounts and videos.  Most of which are crap.
Facebook is similar.  Quite frankly I don’t care what someone has for lunch, what their dog looks like and what their political affiliation is.

Twitter and other text or photo social media outlets have become trite wastelands.

For all the ‘social’ media sites proliferating on the web, people are communicating less and less-at least on a one-to-one basis.

So many people are hooked on their phones and other devices that they’ve forgotten how to talk to someone else face-to-face or resolve problems on a personal level.

It’s so easy to clandestinely make comments and jabs without taking personal responsibility and reaping the results.
I will continue to write my reviews.  I will not offer pseudo conversation.  I will state my opinion and let the reader decide whether they agree or disagree.

I encourage readers to look at or read the products I review.  Form your own opinion.  If you agree with me fine.  If you don’t, that’s fine too.

Don’t just collect; invest your time, mind and preference.  Money is secondary, condition or grade is objective at best and enjoying your hobby is foremost.