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Monday, July 3, 2017

Pink Floyd and The Royal Navy

Many years ago when I was working at an ad agency the Art Director: Bruce Floyd, was a big music fan, especially of contemporary music.
One of his favorite bands was Pink Floyd-partly because it shared part of his name.

I never was a big music person.  I enjoyed some groups and recording artists like CS&N, America, James Taylor and other singer/songwriters.

To be frank, I knew nothing of Pink Floyd and was not familiar with their music.

Bruce proceeded to educate me and after listening to several of their songs I soon came to realize just how important,  ground-breaking and influential Pink Floyd was and is to this day.

Pink Floyd is the gold standard to which many of today’s bands strive for.

In ‘The Complete Pink Floyd’ oversize, hard back book, written by Glenn Povey and published by Carlton Books, readers get  ’the ultimate reference’ to the groups’ history, songs and much more.

Learn all about the members of the group, their stage shows, concerts, break-ups, reunions, their music and songs (including linear notes) and even get a rundown on their concert timeline, merchandizing and every possible fact to be found about the group, its members and its music.

At one time it was stated that ‘The sun never set on the British Empire.”

History records that England was the most powerful nation in the world almost a century ago.  To obtain such power the British Empire needed a powerful Navy to rule the Seven Seas.

In ‘The Royal Navy’ author Julian Thompson recalls the glory days of The Royal Navy and how it has changed over the centuries.

While the book pays homage to the history of The Royal Navy, its primary focus is on the last 100+ years, starting with WWI.

Analysis, strategy and examination of key battles is provided along with information on the continuing evolution and improvement of the fleet such as new technology and tactics.

Military buffs and historians are sure to get an eyeful in this spectacular hard bound and slip sleeve book that traces the evolution of Britain’s powerful Navy.

Historical documents, maps, charts, archival art and photos are complemented by informative and fascinating text about The Royal Navy complete with reproduced historical documents in special tipped-in envelopes.

Learn all about famous battles and campaigns, war tactics, commanders, crews and everything imaginable about what was once the most powerful naval force in the world.