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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Regroup and Renew

Times have changed. 

It used to be I could depend on publishers and manufacturers to supply a steady stream of product for review.

Not so anymore.

Oh sure, I still get a trickle of review items, mostly books, but reliable sources of review material are steadily declining.

The reasons are many; the proliferation of online review sites, YouTube, cost-cutting, huge audience numbers-the list is quite extensive.

Still, you would think after providing a service for over 25 years I would get a little more respect and preference.

Times certainly are changing.

It’s no longer about providing a good, honest and consistent service-it’s all about the money, flash-in-the-pan instant recognition and playing to the masses.

Reviewing collectible and pop culture items is a specialized filed.  Not everyone collects and those that do so are very picky about the items they purchase.  They are also very consistent and faithful in their purchases.

I cater to the collector.  That person who looks for the best deal, the most interesting items and the most ‘collectible’.

That’s why my review sites are so important.

My reviews cater to the collector-the persistent, reliable and sometimes fickle collector.

True collectors aren’t interested in flash and sparkle; they are interested in good products: how well they are made and how much bang they get for their buck.

While it is true that practically anything is available to collect from around the world, that does not mean that everyone can afford the price tag.

I think of myself as an educator.  I educate collectors in what I consider to be good products.  In turn they take my advice and recommendation and make their own, informed decisions to purchase or pass.

I started Collectors’ Corner as a small newsletter; it grew to several thousand issues.

I then translated it to the Web, added a blog, included Facebook and for a time attempted to do a YouTube station.

It appears I need to once again expand and for the life of me I can’t fathom how nor do I have the sources or money to do so.

True, I could pay hard cash to buy advertising, include ads on my website and blog and even attempt a YouTube channel with ads.  But, will those things really help?

I don’t want Collectors’ Corner to become like a thousand (million) other sites more interested in flash than substance.

Honestly, most YouTube sites never really get into the meat and bones of any product.  Most consist of 'ooohs and aaahs' and ‘isn’t that cool’ mundane statements with very little analysis of merchandise.

I refuse to do that.  I feel that to do so is a great injustice to the companies that graciously send me their product to review.

There, I’ve said my piece.  Good or bad I’ll keep trudging along and hope that things change.  Wish me luck.