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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Big Picture

Have you ever felt you are a part of a bigger picture or master plan?
Notice I didn’t say, “Have you ever wondered who you are?”

Obviously the person who is reading this is who you are.  Not your occupation, not who you know or what your connections are or not what you own or dream about.  You are who you are at this moment.

There’s no need for searching.  You’ve already found yourself.  You might as well get used to yourself.  You're stuck with yourself.

No, the question should be, “For what purpose am I here?”

As a Christian I can answer that question.  I’m here to worship God, to live for him and to do what he has planned for my life.

After all, he’s the one who made me.

It’s like this, when an artist or craftsman or even an engineer makes something it is for a specific purpose.

As an artist it might be something as simple as inventing a new composition.  As a craftsmen-a new knife, belt buckle or other useful everyday item or as an engineer a powerful new engine.

Everything and everyone has a purpose.

Human beings are the only creatures that question what their purpose is.

You never see a bird fretting about its life.  Or a fish wanting to be anything other than a fish.  Or a dog or cat wanting to switch places.

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that all those things I dreamed about or wanted really don’t add up to much.

Wealth?  Sorry, when you  die it all goes to someone else.  Fame? No matter how famous you become eventually you’ll be forgotten.  Power?  As soon as you kick the bucket the power dies with you.
Everyone is equal in God’s eyes.  There are no kings, queens, rich men, beggars, healthy, sick, male, female, young or old.  Every soul is precious in God’s eyes.
Isn’t that the whole point?
I’ve decide to wait on God. To be myself (what choice do I have?), seek his will and serve him.
Oh sure I might bungle a few times, mess up now and again and even make a few (make that a lot) of mistakes.

After watching others who have already chosen this path in life I’ve discovered something amazing.

By doing what God expects of them their identity is only made stronger.

Strive for God’s purpose in your life and ‘who you are’ and ‘what your dreams are’ will happen. No fuss, no muss, it’s that simple.

This world is far more than our eyes or senses can perceive.  As human beings we are so limited of our perceptions of things and events.  We only see a small portion of the big picture.  Our lives are like a piece of a puzzle.

God has all the pieces and we are only a small piece.  In the end, when all the pieces come together the big picture will become crystal clear.

And here’s the funny part.  It was there all the time.  We only were looking at our piece.  There was so much more.