Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Collect—Really?

I’m a collector.  Or as my wife refers to me, ‘and organized pack rat.’

But why do I collect?  Or for that matter, why do people in general collect things?

Not everyone collects, but everyone has a favorite pastime or hobby they enjoy.
Mine happens to be collecting-comic books to be specific.

People collect all types of things for all different types of reasons.

Some collect for the sheer joy of accumulating things.  Some do it for money hoping to make a profit and  some for posterity, so that others in the future can visualize and appreciate the past.

Whatever the reasons, the collecting bug has bitten a lot of people.

I can’t speak for other collectors but the main reason I collect is that I enjoy the artwork and the brief period of time I feel like a kid again when I read a comic book.

I started reading comic books at the age of five.  I’m 64 now and I still enjoy reading them-mostly older issues.

I stopped buying new comic books about two years ago when I retired.  They were getting too expensive and too ‘socially relevant’ and the truth be told-too preachy.

While I don’t have all the comic books I ever owned I do have a large portion of them.  I’m sure I could get more but I refuse to pay the ridiculously high prices asked for issues from when was a child.

I’ve never understood why anyone would pay an exorbitant price for a comic book, keep it sealed in plastic and never read it.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice when a comic book you own goes up in value.  But, in my opinion collectors should buy the issues they like-for whatever reason, read them, enjoy them and if they go up in value that’s a nice plus.

After all you don’t go to a movie hoping it will go up in value or go out for a meal, bring the food home, put it in the refrigerator and never eat it.

You enjoy both movies and food for the moment and remember how much you enjoyed them.

To me comic books are the same way.  I buy them (or bought them) read them and put them away to read or look at later.

God has really been good to me when it comes to collecting comic books.  I have a nice collection that I never more than cover price for.

Here’s a secret.

I’ve learned that when it comes to collecting things or owning property or items they are never really yours.

After all when you die everything you own automatically becomes someone else's property.
I figure whatever I have it’s on loan from God.

It’s his to begin with.  Nothing would exist (including myself) without him.

I’ve also learned to never take anything for granted because things and loved ones can be gone in an instant.  Enjoy them while you have them.

Since my collection is on temporary loan from God I like to invite him to share the joy of collecting with me.

I believe God loves it when his children take the time to love him, talk to him and share their time, thoughts and things with him.  

Reading comic books means so much more when I know that God is looking over my shoulder and enjoying them and me.

As I mentioned earlier God has been  good to me.  He’s provided for all my needs and thrown in a whole lot of extras.

I have a beautiful and wonderful wife, two great kids, a nice home, cloths, food, good friends, my health and so many more blessings I can’t even list them all.

Why do I collect?  Because I enjoy it and I know God enjoys it when I share my love and passion for comic books with him, ever mindful that he always comes first.

Collecting is temporary, God is eternal.