Thursday, August 31, 2017

Spy Case and Super Sleuth Kit

We’re all familiar with the super spy James Bond and dozens of other spy characters in books, films and on TV:  James Bond, Jason Bourne, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mission: Impossible-the list goes on and on.

The world of spies has always intrigued people of all ages –especially kids.

Adventure, danger, good versus evil-they are all familiar themes and they play out well in the spy genre.

Alex Brands’ ‘Spy Case Under Cover’ if filled with spy gadgets sure to satisfy the super spy hiding in every kid.

Just look at what you get: folding binoculars, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, a dusting brush, a secret marker pen set, secret code files, an ultimate code book, an ink pad and a spy case to carry them all in.

Imagine that you’re a young child and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of international intrigue.

You study your spy files, decode your secret spy assignment and set off on your mission.

Once there you gather important information using your top secret spy skills.

First you spy out the location using your binoculars and later at night you use your magnifying glass and flashlight to gather clues and meet up with your undercover contact.

Together your study your code files, using your code booklet to decipher important clues.  Careful to document your discoveries using your special marker pen set you dust for prints, gather your equipment and report back to headquarters, careful to secure all of your equipment in your special spy case.

Having polished your spying skills you decide to expand your sleuthing capabilities and bring in your 80 piece ‘Super Sleuth Kit.

It also contains a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, a fingerprint ink pad, dusting brush and flashlight.

Additional equipment rounds out your sleuthing paraphernalia which includes 10 finger print specimen cards, lifting tape, secret marker, developer marker, rear view spy glasses, code booklet, two decoder packets, two code wheels, two code tubes and easy to follow instructions.

Whether pretending to be a super spy or a super sleuth kids are sure to love both the Spy Case and Super Sleuth Kit.
Both offer a great way for kids to develop their critical thinking skills, logic and perception and problem solving talent.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Monkey, Octopus and Pirates

OK, I admit it.  I’m guilty!
I fess up!  I requested a few review items from Alex Brands, three of which are for small children.

OK, what’s so unusual about that?

Did I mention I have a new grandson and I thought these three items would make perfect toys for him to play and learn with?  See, I told you I had an ulterior motive.

Seriously these are some pretty cool toys!

Any parent knows that teaching your child to tie shoelaces, button buttons, snap snaps, zip zippers, buckle belts, hook and loop and put on shoes, socks and cloths can sometimes be a real challenge.

Each child learns at a different rate and masters different skills at different times.

Alex Brands’ ‘Learn To Dress Monkey’ makes learning all these essential skills fun, colorful and captivating for young children 18 months and up.

The soft, plush monkey with its multi-color face and body instantly draws a young child’s attention.

The monkey comes dressed in a shirt, short overalls, socks and shoes.  Look for oversize buttons and zipper, large orange snaps, green shoes with orange shoe laces, shoulder straps and a belt, with buckle, located on the back of the overalls.

The lovable simian even comes with a banana that Velcros to his hands.  In total there are eleven dressing activities that will help a child develop their dexterity, patience, perseverance and confidence.  Face it—he’s just plain cute!

The ‘RubaDub Blink & Float Octopus makes the perfect toy for a young child as they take their bath.

Mom or dad can scrub away on a youngster as they sit captivated by the adorable orange translucent octopus with the starfish hat that bobs up and down in the water and lights up!
Dunk it, swirl it, splash with it or just watch it as it floats and lights up the bathtub.  For 12 months and up.

Speaking of having fun in the tub!  What kid doesn’t like pirates and pirate ships?

The ‘Pirates Of The Tube” fulfills every kids swashbuckling dreams with 37 buccaneer foam pieces to entertain and delight kids three years old and up.

Two short and stubby pirates and their blue, brown and black cannon are just a few of the cool pirate treasures in the set.

Look for pirate, island, palm tree, raft, ship, ship stores and other foam pirate goodies that kids can float in the water or stick to the side of the tile wall next to the tube.

There’s even a bag to carry the objects not in use so they won’t get lost.    

Squeeze the two tubby pirates (a first mate and captain) and water spurts out of their mouths.  Even the cannon shoots water! Watch out mom and dad!  

Yo, ho, ho!  It’s the pirates’ life for me!  Avast me hardies, there’s clear sailin’ ahead and the bathtub calls!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The World Of James Bond

To most James Bond the British Super Spy is someone they’ve seen at the movies.

To the older generation James Bond was the literary creation of writer Ian Fleming that sprung to life in the 1950s.

James Bond books rocketed to popularity when President John Kennedy mentioned that the James Bond novels were some his favorite reading material.

When the first James Bond movie came out in the early 1960s, starring Sean Connery as the suave spy, the movie became a big hit overseas and an even bigger sensation in the United States.

From that point on James Bond became an institution known around the world.

Author Jeremy Black examines the literary and big screen adventures of Bond in his new book, The World Of James Bond’ published by Rowman & Littlefield.

In his book the author delves how the James Bond books and films reflected the times they were released in.

The Cold War, the sexual revolution, the drug culture, the counter-culture-all of the changes and events that shaped the decades are intertwined with the James Bond legacy.

Class, race, gender, changing social norms, and other events and phenomenon of the times are all represented in one form or another in the Bond literary and film releases. 

As times changed, Bond changed.  Nowhere is that more evident than with the various actors that portrayed Bond.  Each represented a certain aspect of Bond intricately linked with the time the Bond films were released.

Bond himself transformed from a hard-nosed assassin to womanizer to partnering with women that were his equal then to a back to hard-edged killer.

From Connery to Craig, James Bond has evolved and adapted to fit the times and promises to do so for another 50 years.

KidzControl™ Volume Limit Wired Headphones

Kids love listening to music, plugging into the audio of a video game or watching a movie on a laptop, computer or TV. 
The only problem is that most kids are pretty rough when it comes to using headphones and with the cost of high-end headphones it can get pretty expensive to replace them.

Problem solved!  Kidz Gear introduces the KidzControl Volume Limit Wired Headphones that are durable, kid-friendly and best of all--inexpensive.

Just because they cost less than ‘adult’ headphones the Kidz Zone headphones use high quality components that deliver great sound at a fraction of the cost.

The headphones deliver rich, full sound that can be controlled by KidzControl Volume Limit Technology. 

 The headphones can used on a variety of electronic devices.

Avoid hearing damage using the volume control headphones while still delivering full rich sound kids will love.

Included with the earphones are padded ear protectors, an adjustable head strap, a long plug-n cord and full instructions.
Packaged in a small box, with see-thru side panels, the headphones come in seven colors kids like.

Keep the headphones safe and secure and free from dust and damage with the special protective carrying bag that is also available.

In your car, in a plane or at home the Kidz Gear KidzControl™ Volume Limit Wired Headphones is kid-friendly, parent approved and a real deal for the money.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Batman and Harley Quinn

Original ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ artist and producer Bruce Timm joins a few voice actor veterans of the original series, along with a few new voices, to present Warner Bros. 

Animation’s ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ full-length animated movie on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital.
Reluctantly Batman and Nightwing must ask Harley Quinn to help them locate and stop her old buddy: Poison Ivey (and her new associate the Floronic Man), from taking over the planet for the plant empire.

Seems they’ve broken into S.T.A.R. Labs and stolen Doctor Alex Holland’s (Swampthing) formula and plan to use it on all animal life on Earth to turn them to plants.

It’s old home week as Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn team up in a wild and wacky and definitely slightly off-kilter adventure that is sure to surprise diehard Batman fans.

This ain’t your grandma’s ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ kid’s cartoon!

Get ready for plenty of laughs, surprises and unexpected twists as a ‘reformed’ Harley Quinn once more dons the tights and mask to save the day.

But knowing Harley, sanity and crime-fighting are the last things on her mind.  Once a super villain, always a super villain.

‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ is a great old-school animated film that hearkens back to the days when animation ruled late afternoon weekdays and Saturdays.  Don’t miss it.

Be sure to look for special surprise appearances.

Extras include:  featurettes, a cool Sneak Peek and classic cartoons.  A special classic Harley Quinn figure is also included in the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh! 2017 Seto Kaiba Mega-Tin

The holidays will soon be upon us and what better gift to give than a 2017 Seto Kaiba Mega-Tin?

Konami has taken the very best Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Cards from 2016 and 2017 Booster Packs: Shining Victories, The Dark Illusion, Invasion: Vengeance, and Raging Tempest, and put them all together in one Mega-Tin.
Here’s what to look for in the 2017 Seto Kaiba Mega-Tin:

  • 3 x 16-card Mega-Packs. Each Mega-Pack contains 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare and 12 Common cards, including cards from the following booster sets: Shining Victories, The Dark Illusion, Invasion: Vengeance, and Raging Tempest
  • 1 Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  • 2 Ultra Rare variant cards: Proxy Dragon and Pot of Desires
  • 2 Super Rare variant cards: Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison and Elder Entity N'tss
  • 1 Ultra Rare Token Card featuring Seto Kaiba

Pop open a Tin, sort out your YGO Cards and get ready to play in the latest Holiday Mega-Tin Collection that ups the excitement and thrills of playing YGO!