Friday, August 11, 2017

Celebrating Snoopy

Charles Schulz was a genius and was responsible in no small part for making reading newspaper comic strips a respected pastime and American art form.

Although he did not invent the comic strip his ‘Peanuts’ comic strip brought a whole new level of sophistication to comic strip humor.

No longer were characters mere caricatures of humans or animals.

Each of Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ cast has a distinct personality and philosophical outlook on life.

There was Charlie Brown, the perpetual optimist who suffered though perpetual pessimistic circumstances, Linus, the boy philosopher straddled with a complex set of phobias and Lucy his domineering and opinionated sister and other memorable characters in the tiny tot universe.

Then there was Snoopy. 

Snoopy was Charlie Brown’s pet beagle who embraced life, possessed a vivid imagination, unbridled ambition, a unique outlook and who represented the unspoken and un-acted upon opinions and pent-up wishes of the common man.

Snoopy was, and is, by far, my favorite ‘Peanuts’ character.

Andrews McMeel Publishing presents ‘Celebrating Snoopy’ the ultimate Snoopy compilation of comic strips beginning with Snoopy’s humble start as a simply pet to his resounding finale as the voice of a whole generation.

This massive collection comes in a HUGE hardbound book, complete with slipcase, both decorated with the image of a dancing Snoopy.

For 50 years Snoopy delighted fans and comic strip readers with his inexplicable, outrageous and hilarious hi-jinx accompanied by the ‘Peanuts’ cast, a perplexed Charlie, a befuddles Linus, a infuriated Lucy and his best-bud: Woodstock the bird.

Who can forget his Red Baron adventures, Joe College, ice-skating on a birdbath and dozens of other adventures and schemes?

Literally thousands of ‘Peanuts’ strips featuring Snoopy and insightful commentaries and observations of the ‘Peanuts’ strips’ 50 year heritage are included. 

This is Snoopy at his finest and will make a stellar addition to any ‘Peanuts’ fan’s collection.