Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top Secret, Art, Bible and Beatles

Talk about diversity!  Chartwell Books presents four new books from about the most diverse range of subjects imaginable: WWII, Art Supplies, The Bible and The Beatles!

Author William B. Breuer examines WWII in a unique an intriguing new way: by writing about the little mentioned facet of the war; top secrets and secret weapons.

World War II was the war that determined the survival of Western civilization—or at least a free democratic Western world, and undoubtedly with the rest of the known world as well.

To put it blunt-war is nasty and often even the good guys have to use some pretty questionable tactics to win.

So too do the bad guys.

In this fascinating book: ‘Top Secret Tales OF World War II’, the author delves into the hidden corners and crevices of the war and explores the shadowy worlds of espionage, assassination, deadly weapons and other darker and sinister aspects of the war.

It’s a fascinating study and examination of the part of war most people seldom see and for good reason.

As former art teacher and artist and designer myself I’m always looking for new art techniques and media with which I can express myself or complete a project.

‘The Complete Guide To Art Materials & Techniques’ is an invaluable resource for any new or veteran artist.

Illustrators, painters and designers are privy to a plethora of new and old art materials, their uses, advantage and disadvantages.

Full color photos offer easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by examples of each medium and technique.

Everything from pencils to watercolor and oil painting are explained in full detail accompanied by handy tips and tricks.

As a Christian I’ve found it hard to find a book that explains in simple and clear terms the history of the Scriptures.

In ‘The Illustrated Guide To The Bible’ author J.R. Porter uses period art, photos and other visual aids along with captivating and researched text to carry readers through the Bible.

It makes for a satisfying trek through the Holy Word as it brings the Bible alive with references, art depicting Bible times and explanations of the significance of events and how they tie into ancient and modern times.

I look forward to absorbing every page and sharing my new found knowledge with fellow Believers.

What was it like to be a member of The Beatles?  How did they spend their days both in front of the public eye and alone?

The Fab Four were a world-wide phenomenon with everyone wanting a piece of them.  Imagine the tremendous pressure put on the members of the band and how hectic their lives must have been.

In author Richard Harver's new book: ‘The Beatles The days Of Their Life’ readers get a rare behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day activities of the famous quartet.

From the earliest days to their breakup the book follows the band members as they deal with fans, family, friends and their own personal struggles.

It’s a delightful and personal look at the four young men who changed music forever and influenced society in the 20th Century.  Changes felt even today.

Filled with photos, documents and interesting insights the book is a treasure trove of information about the band that changed the world.