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Friday, September 22, 2017

Sack Pals Snuggle Sack

‘It’s sack time!!’  To most of us that phrase means, ‘It’s time to go to bed.”

Not so when you’re referring to the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack.

The ‘Sack Pals Snuggle Sack’ is a soft and plush, slightly larger than a pillowcase, sack that kids can climb into, snuggle and keep their most prized possessions and toys in.

Speaking of toys, Sack Pals Snuggle Sack comes with four adorable stuffed animals that stick to the special Velcro material anywhere you place them on the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack!

All feature big, happy eyes, smiles and are so soft and cuddly kids will treasure and play with them for hours.

They include a blue Elephant (Elliot), a pink Kitten (Emilee), a green and blue Turtle (Theodore) and a tan and orange Puppy (Henry).

Also included are four, flat and colorful Sack Bling: the Sun, a Star, A Lady Bug and a Butterfly.

Like the stuffed animals they stick anywhere kids place them on the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack.

The shapes and stuffed animals can adorn the outside of the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack while kids can get in the sack or use it to put things in.  Or by reversing the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack  the plush, stuffed toys and Sack Bling are kept safe and sound.

Reverse the bag and a special pocket appears on the soft lavender interior for storage.

Either way you look at it the Sack Pals Snuggle Sack is great fun, perfect for small hands to place their toys or other objects in, a warm and snuggly mini-sleeping bag to hide or sleep in and something every kid will cherish.

The Sack Pals Snuggle Sack comes in a clear plastic, soft cube with a zipper so the Sack Pals and Sack Bling can be stored away while not in use and stay clean and soft.

‘The best friends in life are the ones who stick around!’

Thursday, September 21, 2017

This Day In Collecting History

It seems these days that everyone is collecting.  Big or small objects, cheap or expensive, rare or commonplace-almost anything is collectible.

But what about the truly rare and expensive items?  Every day of every year someone discovers, buys or sells one of a kind or limited in number antiques, memorabilia and art objects.

A plethora of TV shows, websites, blogs, videos, literature, stores, auction houses, clubs and more about collecting are everywhere.

Never in the history of collecting have so many avenues for collecting been available.

Authors Michael A. and Marla K. McLeod have compiled a wonderful new book called ‘This Day In Collecting History’, published by Schiffer Books, that breaks down collectible treasures sold on each day of the year.

Spanning back decades the book chronicles incredible memorabilia and treasures that were sold for small and large fortunes on specific days of the year.

Three hundred and sixty five days of treasures are showcased with full color and archival photos accompanied by informative text.  Everything from movie memorabilia, sports items, furniture, art and dozens of other antique and collectible genres are represented.

It’s a fascinating book that provides hours of reading and viewing pleasure.  You may even learn something along the way.

2017 Whiffer Sniffers

Something smells.  In fact, something smells really good.

Kids are drawn to the aromas.  The smells make your mouth water. 

Is that Strawberry, Pumpkin Spice Donut, Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Pear, Cherry, Root Beer and Eggnog I smell?  I especially like the Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Spice Donut.

There are more, so much more.  There’s even some that are a mystery, appropriately labeled as ‘Mystery Packs’.

You’ll never know what’s inside the special Mystery Packs until you open one and take a big whiff.

There’s so many that there’s even a Whiffer Sniffers Collector’s Book Fall 2017 that lists and shows each Whiffer Sniffer since they were first introduced.

Now my mouth is watering.  What could it be?

Whiffer Sniffers presents its 2017 collectible ‘Whiffer Sniffers’: small, plush, backpack hangers that smell as good as they look.

Talk about adorable!  The Whiffer Sniffers are small, plush, stuffed creatures that represent the best of the best of pleasant smells. 

Each comes in its own special, clear, plastic package.  They dangle from their clips so that kids (and adults) can attach them to their backpacks, purses, belts,--anywhere you like!

All feature lovable faces with big expressive eyes, arms and leg and soft, cuddly bodies that fit right in your hand.  Collect them, trade them, love them and let them ‘hang out’ with you.

‘Everything Else Just Stinks!’  Smell ya later!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sesame Street Elmo’s World Hide & Seek

Kids are naturally curious.  They constantly poke and prod things, scramble up and behind furniture, climb stairs, look behind couches and furniture, open doors, explore and constantly discover new and exciting things.

It’s part of being human.  We’re a curious and inquisitive species.  It’s how we learn, interact with and navigate the world around us.

Identity Games recognizes how important it is for kids ages one to four to develop their curiosity and ability to locate and identify objects and people.

‘Elmo’s World Hide & Seek’ is the perfect vehicle by which kids can explore and develop their skills at locating things.

Here’s how it works.

Take the small, talking Elmo figure and place him in a specific location.

Depending on the age of the child or children you can simply hide Elmo under a blanket or soft object close to the child until they locate him by his voice.

As the child grows you hide Elmo further away until they find him or multiple players can simultaneously look for Elmo.

Older children are given cards with specific pictures of objects on them.  When they locate the object on the card they find Elmo.  This also gives parents the opportunity to talk about the object with the child or children.

No matter how you play it (you can even make up your own rules) Elmo’s World Hide & Seek is great tool for educating children on how to find objects that are out of sight simply by sound.

Groups of kids can even make a game of it by using the cards as clues until one of them finds Elmo by his voice (that sounds every 10 seconds) guiding them to him.

Whoever finds him first wins!

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek comes in a sturdy steel box with a clear plastic panel showcasing Elmo.  Inside there is a small stack of picture cards along with instructions.

AAA batteries are required.

Friday Night Lights, Coach and Vincent Price

As popular as professional and amateur sports (especially football) are in the United States, it should come as no surprise that TV shows about football would be popular.

Two of the classic TV shows about small town and college football are
 now available on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment.

The entire five seasons of ‘Friday Night Lights’ on Blu-ray centers around the lives, loved ones, turmoil’s, victories and struggles of Dillon, Texas’s high school football team.

Experience the ups and downs of the residents of the small town as their football team mirrors the lives of small town folk of America.

It’s a true slice of Americana as presented by the Emmy wining TV series that takes viewers to the front row bleachers of the football team that represent the dreams and aspirations of common, down-home folk.

The series harkens back to times when family, friends, associates and the community pulled together despite their differences in the one thing they all had in common: football.

Get ready for powerful performances and experience true-life as it unfolds each and every episode.

For the lighter and funnier side of football be sure to pick up ‘Coach: The Complete Series’ DVD collection starring Emmy winner Craig T. Nelson.

Nelson plays Coach Hayden Fox who uses his experience and applies it to the Screaming Eagles football team of Minnesota State University.

Although a comedy the series tackles life head-on as the characters interact, squabble and ultimately play out as a family on and off the field.

Jerry Van Dyke and Shelley Fabares play Coach’s assistant and wife in this hilarious comedy that pokes fun at football while still loving the sport.

The complete nine seasons of the series are included in what some have called, ‘One of the greatest TV comedies ever!”

Considered one of forefathers of horror films, actor Vincent Price always managed to deliver a strong performance in every film he appeared in.

Famous for his horror films Vincent’s best films are included in the ‘Vincent Price Collection’ featuring five of his most horrific roles.

Join Vincent as he sends shivers up you spin in a terrifying new collection guaranteed to chill your blood.

Films include House On Haunted Hill, The Last Man On Earth, Shock, The Bat and The Jackals.

It’s Vincent Price at his spookiest in a fearful filmfest that demonstrates why he is considered one the masters of classic horror films.

Previews, October


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Shiver: Junji Ito HC ‑ VIZ MEDIA LLC

Splatoon Volume 1 GN ‑ VIZ MEDIA LLC

So I’m A Spider… So What? Volume 1 GN ‑ YEN PRESS


















In The Night Studio: Illustration After Dark by Dan Brereton ‑ ART BOOKS

Joe Sinnott: Embellishing Life HC ‑ ART BOOKS

Batman: Nightwalker HC ‑ COMICS YOUNG READERS

The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi HC ‑ STAR WARS


Cartoons Magazine #12 ‑ CARTOONS

Fantasm Presents #1 ‑ HORROR

007 Magazine Presents: Exhibitors Pressbooks Volume 2 ‑ MOVIE/TV


Topps 2018 Baseball Series 1 Trading Cards ‑ TOPPS COMPANY


Doctor Who: Cybermen Evolution Black T-Shirt ‑ PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Judge Dredd: Many Faces of Dredd Black T-Shirt ‑ PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR


Marvel Premier Collection: Deadpool Statue ‑ DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

DC Super Powers Collection: The Joker Maquette ‑ DC HEROES

One-12 Collective: DC: Ascending Knight Batman Figure ‑ DC HEROES

One-12 Collective: Marvel: Spider-Man Homecoming Figure ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Guardians of the Galaxy Legends Gear: Star-Lord Helmet ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Thor Legends 6-Inch Action Figures ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Thor Legends Gear: Electronic Hammer ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Captain America Civil War: Captain America 1/4-Scale Figure ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Marvel: Deadpool 1/2-Scale Figure ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Marvel: Deadpool “X-Force Costume” 1/4-Scale Figure ‑ MARVEL HEROES

Cinemachines Blade Runner 2049 6-Inch Spinner Vehicles ‑ MOVIE/TV

Power Rangers Legacy: MMPR Green Ranger Helmet ‑ POWER RANGERS

POP! Rides Marvel: Classic Ghost Rider With Bike Figure – FUNKO


Justice League Movie: Wonder Woman S.H.Figuarts ‑ DC HEROES

Dimension of Dragonball: Super Saiyan 4 Goku PVC Figure ‑ DRAGONBALL Z

Star Wars: A New Hope: Millennium Falcon 1/72-Scale Model Kit ‑ MOVIE/TV

Predator 2: Stalker Predator 1/18-Scale Figure ‑ PREDATOR

Predator 2: Lost Predator 1/18-Scale Figure ‑ PREDATOR

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon 1/6-Scale Figure ‑ THREEA/THREEZERO


Justice League Movie Laser Cut Figural Keyrings ‑ DC HEROES

Kong Inflatable Costume ‑ MOVIE/TV


Candy Land: My Little Pony Movie Board Game ‑ HASBRO TOY GROUP

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity ‑ WIZKIDS/NECA

Marvel Heroclix: X-Men First Class ‑ WIZKIDS/NECA