Monday, September 25, 2017

Baby Stella and Groovy Girls!

Soft, pliable and cuddly dolls are all the rage.

The reasons are many: they’re safe for small children, easy to clean, small children love the soft feel of the dolls and kids can toss and drop them without them breaking.

Manhattan Toy has two series of soft dolls that kids (both boys and girls) are sure to love.

They are ‘Groovy Girls!’ and ‘Baby Stella’.  Both are perfect for little hands, soft, cuddly and come dressed in adorable outfits.

Groovy Gir!l Lily stands about one foot tall and has long brown hair made of yarn.  Her body is made of stitched together, fuzzy fabric that feels warm and soft to small hands.

Her head, legs and arms are securely sewn to her torso.

Her outfit consists of a bold pattern and colorful sundress, with twin, small shoulder straps, a white t-shirt undergarment, yellow shoes and a bright pink ribbon on her left wrist.

Her slightly tan complexion complements her outfit.

She has large blue eyes, a big toothy smile and red earrings decorate her ears. 

Velcro strips allow small children to take her dress off and her t-shirt slips easily off her torso.

Lily makes for a perfect, perky companion that kids are sure to love, cherish and play with for years to come.

Baby Stella is soft, hand-crafted doll with lifelike toes, belly button and cute plump tummy. 

The Baby Stella Beige Doll comes with a two-tone, pink magnetic pacifier, a floral design outer garment and pink with white polka dots panties that cover her white diaper. 

Her arms and legs move freely, the magnetic pacifier stays in place over her mouth via the hidden magnet in her torso and pacifier and her sparse, brown hair mop top sets off her brown eyes, cute smile and button nose.

Baby Stella comes packaged in an open-face, heavy card stock box and is secured in place by small plastic ties that detach easily without any damage to the doll. 

Baby Stella encourages youngsters to nurture and care and how to dress and undress.

She’s soft, sweet and so cute!

Both the Groovy Girls! and Baby Stella series of dolls aid small children with dexterity, encourages imaginations and assist them in learning how to dress and undress.

Both sets of dolls come in a variety of complexions and attire, include boy dolls and have special furniture and accessories available.

Anyway you look at them they are the perfect soft dolls for little hands.