Friday, September 29, 2017

Shining Star and Tiger Magic

Do you know of any children who want to star in their own magical adventure?

I know I do and I’ve got the perfect way for them to do so.

Starpath Dolls’ ‘Shining Star’ is one of four spectacular new lifelike dolls that not only look real and wear real cloths but can star in their very own chapter book!

Shining Star is a beautiful almond skin, brown eyed, auburn hair, girl doll that looks so real you expect her eyes to move and her mouth to speak. 

She’s absolutely beautiful dressed in her frilly white collar, short-sleeve sweater shirt with wide black belt, black and white plaid skirt, black knee socks and shoes and adorable pink floppy cap.

She poses just like a real child and her skin looks real as do her fingers, hands, feet, face and entire body, She can even stand on her own with no help!

Little girls will especially like her soft features, delicate nose, slightly pouty lips, big eyes, delicate ears and cute round face.

Children learn how to dress and undress her (and themselves) and along with Shining Star they can go on an incredible adventure by going online and personalizing an E-book.  In just a few days a paperback book starring Shining Star will arrive in the mail.  Just follow the directions on Shining Star’s big box.  

She’s an incredible doll, priced at a very affordable cost and makes the perfect gift for any occasion.
‘Tiger Magic’, the fluffy, soft,  cuddly  Tiger-Cat  stuffed animal can star in his own adventure also.

Tiger Magic features soft, tiger-stripped fur, a fluffy tail, big white and black ears, oversize white eyebrows, a pink nose, big brown and black eyes, four stubby feet and an adorable kitty smile. 

But them both today, kids will love them!  Both toys are of the highest quality, kid safe, are carefully and lovingly made and packaged and are guaranteed to win any kid’s heart.