Monday, October 9, 2017

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Hot off his huge success directing JAWS for Universal Studios, director Steven Spielberg tackled science fiction with his next film: ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’.

The movie is one of my all-time favorites and for good reason(s).

A brilliant script, stellar acting, spectacular visual and practical effects and a compelling sense of wonder made the film a huge hit and endeared itself to millions of movie-goers and is a considered a movie masterpiece and classic even today.

It, along with the Star Wars franchise, refashioned and revitalized the sci-fi film genre and helped define the ‘blockbuster’ phenomenon.

Harper Design proudly presents its deluxe, hardbound book commemorating the classic film with its ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: The Ultimate Visual History’.

If you’re a fan of the film or sci-fi films in general then this book is sure to satiate your behind-the-scenes appetite.

Inside the impressive book are special, tipped-in ‘extras’ full-color, two page spreads, photographs, artwork and much more describing and chronicling the film.

Look for a complete script breakdown, the cast selection, costumes, sets, location filming, special visual and practical effects, miniatures, pre and post production behind-the-scenes photos, commentaries from cast and crew and any and everything that had to do with the film’s production.

It is the ‘ultimate’ compilation of facts, photos and personal recollections and a heartfelt tribute to many creative and imaginative minds behind the phenomenal film.

It is movie-making magic all wrapped up in a wonderful, hardbound book bulging with information and visual stimuli that will fascinate the most diehard film fanatic.