Friday, October 6, 2017

Heroes & Villains

Who exactly are cosplayers?

Cosplayers are fans of movies, TV shows, comic books, literary characters, Anime, Manga, toys and video games who love to dress up and pretend they’re their favorite characters in each genre.

What started out as simple expressions of creativity within a small group of fans has blossomed to a huge following with literally hundreds, If not thousands, of cosplayers attending conventions and various events.

One of the biggest conventions is the New York Comicon and cosplay is huge there, as gigantic as NYC itself.

Smith Street Books/Rizzoli and writer Andrew Boyle present a small, thick, hardbound book called: ‘Heroes & Villains: A Photographic Odyssey Into The Fantastic World Of Cosplay’.

Inside readers are treated to cull-color photos of cosplayers dressed up as their favorite superheroes, super villains, video game characters, movie persona and just about every type imaginable of pop culture characters.

Accompanying the photos are interviews and quotes from the cosplayers themselves (many of whom make cosplaying a lifetime occupation).

Visually mind-boggling the book is a gallery of costumes by fans whose creativity and imaginations knows no bounds.