Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How To Draw And Paint Anatomy

When I was teaching drawing at a local high school perhaps the most challenging and often frustrating thing young artists faced was anatomy.
 Whether it was human or animal, drawing and understanding the mechanics of anatomy is far more than just drawing pretty pictures.

I told my students that the best way to draw humans or animals is to start from the inside out.  As an artist you MUST know how the muscles and bones work in animals and humans.

It’s difficult to find a book that offers good examples and advice on how to draw anatomy.

I found one.  Fox Chapel Publishing’s ‘How To Draw And Paint Anatomy’ is an excellent guide on creating life-life humans and realistic animals on paper or canvas.

Besides step-by-step instructions on drawing anatomy from head-to-toe the book provides excellent examples of realistic and fantasy drawings and paintings.

It’s far more than a book on dry and stagnant poses; it is a vibrant, dynamic compilation of examples that teach artists how to breathe life into their human or animal renderings.

A DVD is also included with instructions and demonstrations.  It’s a great two-in-one combination for new and veteran artists to use when drawing or painting.