Sunday, October 29, 2017

Roll & Roar Animal Train

You’ve heard the phrase, “Get it in gear!”

V-tech has taken that phrase’s meaning-literally!

V-tech’s ‘Roll & Roar Animal Train’ has so many gears and handles that children ages 1 ½ to 4 years old will spend hours turning gears, watching animals spin about and making fun noises and phrases.

Gears, animals, a train, fun noises and a great way to learn-what more could a kid ask for?

The Roll & Roar Animal Train features a lovable bear, a purple ear elephant and a spinning, zebra, bear and hippo along with an extra set of colorful gears.

The train engine has a spinning smokestack with smoke, a spinning animal that can be changed out for other animals and a front engine cap that spins at the turn of a handle.

Its four wheels also turn as kids roll it across the floor as do the engine car and caboose. 

The passenger car holds the blue and purple elephant holding red and purple gears.

The caboose carries the circus bear in his bright blue collar and by turning the gear attached to his arm the entire caboose gear assembly turns and raises and lowers the caboose top.

There are 15 mix & match gears and the entire train is loaded with sound!

Move the Smart Gear animals to the engine for some silly songs with animal sounds. 


Slide the bar on the side of the engine to switch from Exploration Fun to Quiz Mode and Mix & match.

Push the blue, red or yellow button above the slide bar in each selection and kids will hear music, speech and more.

Bu sliding the small blue switch below the slide bar and pushing select buttons kids get all kinds of sound, quiz, lessons and more.

What a great way for kids to learn, develop their coordination, sing and have fun at the same time!

The engine, passenger car and caboose detach from each other for individual play or easily reattach for locomotive mayhem.

Created in bright primary and secondary colors the Animal Train is built rugged, safe for kids with its smooth edges and large parts and offers hours of entertainment and learning.

Parents will love the volume control and automatic turn-off features.