Thursday, October 12, 2017

Strictly Briks

It’s no secret that kids love to build things.  It doesn’t matter how they build it or with what.  Stones, sticks, twigs, dirt, mud-you name it, kids will use it to make wherever their imaginations lead them.

There’s a better way to let kids build and create and it’s not nearly as messy.  In fact, it’s downright easy to organize, set up, break down and store.

It’s Strictly Briks, the product and company by the same name.

The ‘10” X 10” Stackable Base Plates Rainbow Assorted Colors 12-Pack’ features hard plastic Bases in a spectrum of color that have hundreds of circular knobs on their surfaces. 

Twelve bags of assorted color Briks come with the Bases,

Kids choose what colors to use, snap the Briks together and on the Bases and before they know it they’ve created Briks' masterpieces!

Along with Bases and Briks the ‘Strictly Briks Building Briks & Straps’  come in various, sizes, colors and shapes add to the fun!

Other sets are available for building all sorts of things.  They can even be used with ‘other’ building brick toys.

Just imagine being able to make impressive buildings, vehicles, stairs, ramps, entire city and town landscapes and so much more!

The only limit is a child’s imagination!

Mom, dad—here’s the best part; Strictly Briks are safe, non-toxic, snap together and apart easily and clean up is a snap!  However there are small pieces, so it’s best only children five years old and up play with them.

I wish I had a collection of Strictly Briks when I was young.  There’s no telling what I could have created.

Hold on a minute!  Who says Strictly Briks are just for kids!?  I’ll wager adults can have just as much fun creating things with Strictly Briks on their own and with their kids or friends.

I can hardly wait to get started!