Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Temple Connection

Finally a game for gamers seven years and older, made for one player, that challenges your brain!  Besides being challenging the game throws in some interesting architecture.
Say what!?

Smart Games’ ‘Temple Connection’ challenges gamers to build roads and bridges to link temples.

Sounds simple.  Not so fast!  It may sound simple, but it’s not.

Here’s where strategic and critical thinking comes in along with the ability to visualize the solution to each pre-planned objective.

Temple Connection provides a huge selection of game/puzzle piece placements.
The trick is that there are certain rules.

Bridges, temples, ramps and stairs can only be combined with certain restrictions.  The harder the level of game challenges, the more difficult it is to figure out the solution.

Not all the pieces need to be used, but everything used has to connect into a whole bridge, ramp, and temple combination.

Along with game pieces comes a game board with construction knobs and a game rule book with 80 easy to expert challenges.

Are you up to the challenge?