Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Several years ago while I was a teacher at a local high school a portion of my classes were vocational classes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, vocational classes teach students a skill or skills: carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, computer tech and electrical work.

There is a huge need for young people to take up trade skills and none more so than electrical work.

Electricians are sorely needed in construction, electrical component assembly and plant work.  That’s why I was so excited when I received a copy of Electroninks’s ‘Circuit Scribe’ Basic Kit with 11 pieces.

The kit is a godsend for up and coming electricians and those students interested in electricity and its function and uses.

The kit comes in a flip-open lid, hard cardboard box which includes simple instructions, a separate work book/sketchbook, a conductive silver ink pen, a steel sheet, a sticker sheet, a circuit stencil, a battery, six electronic modules and resistors.

Circuit Scribe makes electronics easy to understand and implement.

All you do is follow the directions, select a piece of paper and place the metal sheet behind it.

Using your conductive ink pen you draw your circuit.

You can then place the various modules (output, input, 2-pin adapter and NPN adapter) in place on the silver ink line.  Connect the battery and adapter and you can use electrical conductivity using the various resisters.

Create a touch sensor, light up an LED and make a switch-the possibilities are endless.

Even an old codger like me can do it!  Now that’s making electricity easy to understand!

Modules are colored coded for easy identification.  A 9-volt battery powers the entire assembly making it safe to work with.

Ages eight years old and up can spend hours tinkering around with lights, switches and other electronics we use every day.

The kit is a great way to encourage kids and students to take up a well-paying and exciting trade and have fun in the process.