Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Harry Potter Match The Crazy Cube Game

Harry Potter- what a phenomenon.  It’s hard to imagine that author J. K. Rowling created Harry Potter from such humble a beginning. 

Harry Potter has gone to be a worldwide success, spawning movies, merchandise, amusement parks and a plethora of pop culture collectibles like the world has never seen before.

Harry Potter tackles the gaming world with Top Trumps new ‘Harry Potter Match The Crazy Cube Game’ that brings a whole new dimension of fun to the franchise.

Children four years old and up, along with adults, can play.

Here’s how to play.

Two players face off against each other on either side of the golden Harry Potter game grid.

Twenty five slots contain 25 Harry Potter six-side cubes with characters from the Harry Potter movies on each side.

Players mix up the character cubes making sure none of the same characters line up with each other.

Each player draws two Harry Potter character cards, placing them face down in their respective card spaces.  Do not look at the cards!

The youngest player starts by pushing out the top left character cube out of the grid and replacing it with any cube on the grid.

Their opponent does the same trying to match up five of the same characters in a row.  The first player to do so yells, ‘match!’

But they haven’t won yet, their opponent turns up their two cards.  If one of them matches the winning five characters match, they win!

Talk about a game of chance!

Can you match up five cubes and win without your opponent taking away your victory?  All you need is a little luck and a little magic.