Monday, November 20, 2017

Justice League, Star Trek, Thor Ragnarok, Star Wars X 2

If you are a mass media, pop culture addict and nerd such as myself then you know who produces the best products.

When it comes to magazines about TV shows and movies Titan Magazines ranks as number one.

Each magazine they print (regardless of the subject matter) is of the highest quality, boasts superior editorial context and articles and showcases stunning photographs (both archival and current).

A lofty position to be sure.  But for all the years I’ve read Titan Magazines the more I am impressed by their consistent high standards.

Speaking as graphic designer who is well acquainted with magazine production I can testify it is no small feat to turn out a magazine, especially on a consistent, timely and with such high production values.

That being said I’d like to talk about five recently released Titan Magazines: two special one-shots and three bi-monthly publications.

‘Justice League The Official Collector’s Edition’ spotlights the new DC Comics movie recently released by Warner Bros.

What I found especially intriguing and interesting about Titan Magazine’s Justice League one-shot is that it goes far and beyond simple still photos and trivial fan boy fodder.

The magazine gets into the meat of the movie with cast interviews, exclusive and behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, pre and post production, character comic book and cinema histories and appearances, costume designs, set pieces and practical and visual effects.

It encompasses the entire making of the movie from concept to completion.  The art and photos are stunning and the text is compelling, easily urging the reader to read more.

Last year was the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, beginning with the original series.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere in Ursa Minor somewhere then you are aware of the whole Star Trek phenomenon.

In 2009 Star Trek was effectively reborn with the new ‘alternate timeline’ Star Trek Universe which became a big hit with Star Trek fans both old and new.

Every other month Titan Magazines publishes its ‘Star Trek’ magazine.

I hold issue #63 for November and Decembers in my hands.

In this issue the magazine examines the IDW Star Trek comic book series (plural), the recently launched Star Trek: Discovery TV series that re-introduced Star Trek to the small screen and brings pertinent Star Trek trivia and news to the reader.

Other articles visit Star Trek Las Vegas 2017, talks to Star Trek: Discovery’s Michael Burnham as played by actress Sonequa Martin-Green, examines Starfleet’s finest, visits the woman who saved Star Trek: Bjo Trimble, encounters the new Klingons, goes through the wormhole, revisits The Next Generation, talks Trek toys and much more.

The Marvel Cinema Universe took a decided different approach to its movies when it released Thor Ragnarok to cinemas.

While many of the classic Thor comic book elements are present the movie is funny and Thor is the chief kidder.

In Titan Magazines’ ‘Thor Ragnarok’ one-shot, readers enjoy ‘The Official Movie Special’ including exclusive photos and concept art.

Sporting a spectacular color cover the magazine talks to the key actors and actresses in the film, displays stunning art and photos (some never seen before), visits sets, examines key scenes and sequences, details computer generated effects and characters and offers insider information on how the film was made.

I especially enjoy reading about costume and character designs and looking at the end results, how vast vistas were created digitally and seamlessly melded into the film and the interplay between the characters-both good and bad.

The magazine offers the best look at the making of the film with so much information packed into its pages it will satisfy the reading requirements of the most die-hard of fans.

Star Wars-what more can be said about the ground-breaking film series.  Plenty if Titan Magazines’ ‘Star Wars Insider’ magazine has anything to say about it.

If I’m not mistaken Star Wars insider is the longest continually published pop culture/film magazine put out by Titan Publishing.

I have a number of the older issues and all are worth reading as are the two most recent issues numbers 176 and 177,

In #176 Star Wars Insider pays tribute to the women of Star Wars, both good and bad including Captain Phasma, Leia, Rose (in the upcoming film), Padme, Mon Mothma and many more.

There’s tons of new Star Wars merchandise to droll over including toys, books, etc, see how the Star Wars Rebels animated series is conceptualized and completed, watch how ILM paints alien landscapes, revisit Star Wars teaser trailers, and stroll along Artist Alley.

In issues #177, Star Wars Insider tells Luke Skywalker's story from child to adult, there’s two free Star Wars Destiny Cards included, game on with Star Wars Battle Front II and discover how legendary music composer John Williams brings new musical themes to each Star Wars film, encounter the villains of the last Jedi and like Star wars Insider magazines before it this issue showcases a plethora of Star Wars mechanize, insider info, cast sightings and much more.  It’s a veritable galaxy of Star Wars goodies.

If it’s about Star Wars then it’s in this and every issue of Star Wars Insider.