Friday, November 17, 2017

Letter Block and Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

One of the most important things a young child needs to learn is the alphabet.

But, let’s face it, repetition and memorizing can be boring and challenging for children.

When I was small I found the whole letter thing tedious and boring.  I wanted some action!  Some excitement!  I needed to mix things up a bit.

Learning needs to be fun and challenging.

Learning Resources knows that kids crave excitement and most of all fun. 

That’s why Learning Resources created two new ways to learn the alphabet that are fun, develop color identification, fine motor skills and letter recognition of letters, both upper and lower case.

For ages two and up there’s ‘Letter Blocks’.  Thirty six colorful letter blocks (some duplicates for spelling) come in the set, along with a storage bag.

Kids can stack them; use their hollow backs to stamp them in clay, cut out shapes and even spell.  Kids learn as they play!

For children three years old and older Learning Resources adds even more excitement learning about the alphabet.

The ‘Alphabet Acorns Activity Set’ not only teaches kids about the alphabet but also how to tell the difference between upper and lower cases.

Each acorn represents a separate letter in different colors.  On the outside of the brown acorns, with color tops, are printed upper case letters, pop the acorns' tops open and lower case letters appear on the underside of the acorns' tops.

To reinforce the letter designated a small object is inside each acorn coinciding with the acorn letters.

For example: A=apple, E=elephant, T=train and so forth.

Twenty six two-piece acorns, 26 color-coded figures and an activity guide are included.

Stack them, play hide and seek, build words (literally) and explore.

Both letter sets come packaged in heavy-duty and colorful cardboard boxes with flip-open secure lids and clear plastic viewing panels.