Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, AT-M6 Walker, Scooby-Doo Bi Plane and Ford Fusion

Fans are super-excited about next Star Wars movie coming out: The Last Jedi.

Revell Models, in celebration of the upcoming movie release, has produced four new Star Wars The Last Jedi Build & Play SnapTite Model Kits.

Each and every model perfectly captures the exact look of the space vehicles from Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter’s sinister wing configuration and weaponry to the X-Wing Fighter’s characteristic black and yellow fuselage and extra large engines and pilot and the AT-W6 Walker with its massive legs, heavy armor, impressive fire power and formidable appearance.

The X-Wing Fighter features takeoff, blaster and BB-8 Astromech Droid sounds, a
cockpit canopy that opens and closes, a battle ready pilot, wings that open into "Attack" mode and removable, retractable landing gear.

The Walker has a light up Cannon Blaster, battle action sounds, a full-motion positionable head and positionable legs and feet.

The Tie Fighter boasts a Kylo Ren figure, a light up engine, battle action sound and an opening cockpit hatch.

Each model requires no glue, paint or decals and also feature special lights and sounds characteristic of the craft they represent.  Kids from eight years old and up can easily assemble each model with no fuss or muss.

Wait a minute!  Didn’t I say that there were four Star Wars model kits?  Yep!  I saved the best for last:  my all-time favorite Star Wars spaceship: the Millennium Falcon.

Like the previous Star Wars model kits the Millennium Falcon comes in a box decorated with images from the upcoming movie, along with complete back panel and interior instructions for assembly.

Now this is my kind of model kit!  No glue, no paint and no decals.  Everything is detailed, decorated and ready to snap together.

And what a snap it is!  Within a few minutes I had a perfect 1/164 Scale Millennium Falcon including battle action sounds (from small machine gun fire and heavy-duty blasters to a roaring takeoff through hyperspace) lighted Hyper Drive Motivator, retractable landing gear, movable Laser Cannons and a positional antenna.

Remove the battery protector slip, push one of the exhaust vents and the Falcon lights up and makes Hyper Drive and blasting sounds!  Just like in the movies!

I didn’t know that Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine Gang have a bi-plane!?  But they do.

The SnapTite Scooby-Doo Bi Plane model kit is as every bit as colorful as the Mystery Machine van.

It’s bright blue fuselage and wings, red and tail fin highlights, single prop, twin-seat and stationary wheels also comes with Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Velma figures also in full color matching their trademark attire.

Did I mention it also features a spinning prop, functioning wheels, twin machine guns, and easy to apply stickers?  Scooby even ears a pilot’s cap!

In a snap model-makers can send Scooby, Shaggy and Velma on an airborne adventure.  I wonder what type of spooky flying monster they’ll encounter.

From Revell’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series comes ’10 Danica Patrick’s Aspen Dental Ford Fusion, 1/24 Scale, Level 5, Ages 18+ model car kit.

Danika has made quite a name for herself as one of only a few female NASCAR drivers.  Her driving skills have won her numerous awards.

The Aspen Dental ford Fusion model kits recreates in perfect detail the famous ‘Tooth Fairy’ racer with its characteristic blue and light grey chassis, low profile, NASCAR equipped and modified interior and frame, high performance engine and all the exterior and interior details you expect from Revell. 

This isn’t not kid’s model kit it takes a real pro to put this high-performance baby together.  Check out the awesome engine assembly, intricate interior cage and safety features, transmission, drivetrain and special wheels and tires.

It’s a miniature monster of a machine that is sure to be a big favorite of model car kit enthusiasts.