Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Little Veterinarian Kit

When I received the promo for Little Medical School’s ‘My Little Veterinarian Kit’ I was immediately intrigued.

My daughter works at a Veterinarian office.  Part of her duties is to prepare pets for examination, book work, surgery assistance, grooming and general pet care.  She is very good at her job and loves what she does.

Recently she gave birth to a little boy and if I know my daughter as well as I think I do then she plans on passing on her love of animals to her son-perhaps encouraging him to enter the veterinarian profession when he gets older.

What better way to stoke a child’s interest in the Veterinarian field than by introducing them to My Little Veterinarian Kit?

Shaped like a doctor’s medical bag the kit contains everything that a child needs to examine a pet or animal--from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail.

Just look at what you get:

Little Medical School White Coat
Student Doctor ID Badge
Adoption Certificate
Tape Measure
Pet Assessment Form
Modeling Dough
Dog Bone Cookie Cutter
Recipe Card
Tick Removal Stickers
Plastic Bag

There’s even a Plush Dog with Bandana to practice on!

Every item and form is just like the kinds you see in a Veterinarian’s office.  No skimping on quality.  The Medical Coat is an exact miniature version of the real thing. 

Forms are perfect duplicates of those used by Veterinarians and each and every object is an exact match for its grown-up counterpart.

The heavy-gauge cardboard box the contents come in has an easy to uses flip-cover with Velcro strips to keep it securely shut.

The kit is top-notch and allows a child to pretend to be a Veterinarian.