Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Professional Acrylics

For nearly four decades I made my living as a graphic designer and artist.

If there was one thing I learned it is that an artist is only good as the supplies he or she uses.

Shoddy pencils, low-grade paints and inferior paper can ruin a piece of art.

Golden Paints is a high-quality, paint manufacturing company that puts out excellent acrylic paints.

When choosing acrylic paints there are a few, important things I consider.

Golden Artist Colors’ ‘6 Professional Acrylics’ successfully qualifies for each.

Paint ease of use and application is important.  The 6 Professional Acrylics squeeze out in an even flow from the tubes and spread smoothly when using a paint brush and/or a palette knife.

Colors dilute smoothly with water and blending colors is even with no clumps or dark and light spots.

Paints of various colors easily blend or can be laid over each other offering complete opacity.

Too often acrylic paints tend to dry out too fast.  Golden Artist Colors’ acrylics keep moist long enough for blending and manipulation.  Adding a little water or extender lengthens drying time.

The intensity of the colors and their consistency from tube to tube is important especially with projects requiring large amounts of paint.

After reading up on Golden I am confident that their manufacturing and color consistency is topnotch.

Creating a painting with a palette knife requires paint that is easy to move about and once dried keeps its color and texture.  Golden Artist Colors’ acrylic paints do just that.

Overall I am both impressed and satisfied with the quality, consistency and ease of use of Golden Artist Colors’ 6 Professional Acrylics.  Thumbs up.