Saturday, December 23, 2017

America’s Treasures and The Durango Kid

I’ve had the good fortune over my 65 years to have traveled across our great United States of America.
From West Coast to East Coast, North to South, California to Maine and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Florida’s Key West, the United States is a beautiful country, filled with many wonders including our national treasures.

Mill Creek Entertainment invites viewers to come along as it travels the states and visits famous historical, natural and monumental sights from the Empire State Building to Mount Rushmore.

Along the way viewers see and experience some of the most stunning landscapes from mountains to ocean shores and everything in-between.

Travel along and enjoy this very special 12-part documentary series presented on DVD and Digital.  American truly is beautiful, as are its people.

Do you hanker for the days when movie Westerns stood for something?  When morals and honesty were traits to be proud of and good guys wore white hats and bad guys black hats?

Are you ready to experience the good old days of Westerns when men were strong, women were beautiful, the wide open spaces beckoned and law and order inevitably won out over crime?

Well partner, then get ready for 10 Western Classics starring Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid, the gun-slinging cowboy who fought for truth, justice and honor.

Starrett reigned as the king of B-movie Westerns in over 130 films mostly as The Durango Kid. 

Join Durango and his sidekick Smiley as they tangle with some looters, rustlers, claim-jumpers and other Old West undesirables.

It’s good, clean Western fun with plenty of fisticuffs, barroom brawls, horses, henchmen and fair-haired Western woman.  Yee-hah!

Both America’s Treasures and The Durango Kid Collection come on DVD.