Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peanuts Christmas, Alien and Fantastic Beasts

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by joining Running Press as it presents ‘The Peanuts Guide To Christmas’?

Snoopy takes center stage on the book’s cover as he holds his candy cane decorated food dish in his mouth.

Inside readers celebrate the holiday season with whole Peanuts gang as they put up Christmas decorations, write Santa, take part in Christmas fun and festivities and much more as illustrated by classic Peanuts comic strips.

It’s a holly, jolly Christmas with everyone’s favorite group of kids with Snoopy and Woodstock along for the ride.

Without a doubt the ‘Alien’ movie changed science fiction and horror movie genres forever.

The ‘Alien Deluxe Mega Kit’ features a miniature Xenomorph head, complete with transparent skull top and jaws that open and extend inner jaws with a slight downward tug on one of its back spines.

The creature howls, screeches and looks as every bit as frightening as its movie namesake.  A small full-color photo mini-book is also included filled with scenes from the classic movie.

A modern day classic film: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, introduced a pre-Harry Potter world populated by magic and monsters.

The ‘Newt Scamander’s Case Deluxe Mega Kit’ includes a miniature suitcase that when opened pops out two beastly clawed hands and shrieks!

It also comes with a small book filled with full-color photos from the movie.

Christmas or creatures—whatever one you choose you can’t lose this holiday season.