Friday, December 7, 2018

Instinct Season One

Based on the novel Murder Games by James Patterson, the Instinct TV series stars actor Alan Cummings as former CIA operative Dr. Dylan Reinhart.
Against his partner’s protests Reinhart is convinced to return to his crime fighting ways by NYPD detective Lizzie Needham.

Leaving the comfortable world of academia and literature, Reinhart agrees to search down a serial killer who is using Reinhart’s first novel as a basis for his crimes.

Assisted by his former CIA partner and the detective Reinhart begins to piece the clues together to catch the killer.  

Needham and Reinhart clash at first but like pepper and salt when mixed in the right quantities they make for a formidable combination.

CBS/Paramount present Instinct Season One, containing the complete first season on four DVDs.

Also included are extended and deleted scenes, a gag reel and the pilot episodes of other new CBS TV series. 

Follow your Instincts and pick up this intriguing series collection.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Soul Fusion Special Edition

Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Games’ Soul Fusion Special Edition three Booster Packs Box contains two of four Super Rare Variant cards!  Now that’s special!
The 100-Card Booster Set, takes Yu-Gi-Oh! back to its roots with Fusion Summoning strategies!   

Look for the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragons Cards, VRAINS Animated Series Cards, the Playmaker's Cyberse Fusion Monster, the Cyberse Clock Dragon and more!

12 World Premiere Cards tell the tale of the Noble Knights and players can find Cards from Dark Saviors, Cybernetic Horizon, Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss, Structure Deck: Powercode Link, and more!

Soul Fusion Special Edition contains: 

3 Soul Fusion Booster Packs
1 of 2 Super Rare Variant Cards
1 of 2 Super Rare Preview Cards

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Why?  That’s a pretty open-ended question.

In this particular case the why pertains to the question: Why do I collect old pop culture items?

Here’s the simple answer.  Because I like them.

Too simple?

OK, let me delve into my reasons in more depth.

I love collecting old comic books, toys, books, magazines, trading cards and the like for several reasons.
They remind me of simple times, when things weren’t so complicated.

Many of the items offered fresh and new concepts and/or experiences.  Early comic books told tales of cosmic wonder, new possibilities and less complicated stories. Today’s comics are more like soap operas and social commentaries.

Magazines and books printed stories and articles that were fresh, eye-opening and most of all- entertaining.
Toys (especially for young boys) were big, bold, exciting and catered to young boys’ endless energy.  

No couch potato video games or inside activities.  Toys were meant to be played with outdoors. Talk about an energy burner!

Trading cards spotlighted sports heroes, popular TV shows and movies, were cheap and came with a stick of gum.  

Practically every game, toy or activity required some effort-both physically and mentally.  Imagination was the key and it was the mind which was the means by which new worlds and concepts came alive.  Very little was preset.   

Kids were forced to come up with their own visions of alien worlds, hostile aliens, strange and exotic lands and the like.

So much today is pre-packaged.  Video games, movies and toys leave very little room for the imagination.  Everything is already set-kids simply follow along predetermined paths.

The past was not perfect by any means.  What it did offer (at least for kids) were endless possibilities, the opportunity to imagine and the promise that anything was possible.

Choices were limited, but that limitation only fueled individual imagination and determination.

I look back on the toys, books and playthings of my youth and I see objects that encouraged me to carve my own path, pursue my dreams and feed my imagination.

Monday, December 3, 2018


Mention the name Alex Ross to any comic book fan and immediately their eyes light up.
Known for his stellar illustration/painting work on such landmarks series as Kingdom Come, Marvels, Uncle Sam and many more, along with his impressive cover art, Alex is considered one of the modern masters of the comic book profession.

Demonstrating a knack for drawing at a young age, Alex went on into his teens illustrating and constructing construction paper 3D facsimiles of costumed heroes and eventually went on to to garner an art degree from a famous art school.

Alex has successfully created works for Marvel and DC Comics along with impressive pieces of work for the smaller independent publishers.  Wherever he applies his pencil, pen and brush the product is sure to be a big hit with fans.

In Marvelocity, from Chipp Kidd, Geoff Spear and Pantheon Books, Alex’s long and prestigious career examined.

Literally starting at the beginning with the artist’s early work from his childhood the work from his teens and into adult life are also examined.

Readers are treated to a printed gallery of the various products Alex created for Marvel Comics.

Covers, character designs, full comic book stories, sketches, color studies, logo designs and more are showcased-each demonstrating Alex’s mastery of the art form.

Pages are filled with his work. As a fellow artist I can’t help but be humbled, impressed and awed by his incredible talent.

Accompanying text delves into each of his projects, whether they are in 2D or 3D.

The oversize hardbound book includes an exclusive Spider-Man story and the splashy Captain America slipcover painting folds out to reveal eleven more cover illustrations starring key Marvel heroes and villains.  You choose the cover!

The hardbound book’s bound cover provides a panoramic painting of Marvel’s newest cast of characters.
The entire book is a visual treat that is guaranteed to thrill, inspire, awe and captivate readers.  It will make a key addition to my comic book-book library.

Playing Back The 80s

In the music world the decades of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s saw huge changes in the music industry across the board. 
The birth of Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Disco, Country Rock and more are attributed to these decades-the list goes on and on.

The 1980s are often over looked as to its importance when it comes to music, which to me is a great disservice.

The 1980s saw a huge upswing in Rap, Soul, Rock and Roll, Country and all other genres of music.

The decade introduced the music video via MTV and witnessed across the board hits that garnished awards from not only their designated music genre but other music types. Case in point: Michael Jackson’s various hits that appealed to Rock and Roll, Rap, Motown, Soul and other types of music.

In Playing Back The 80s author Jim Beviglia and The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group examine the music of the 1980s in depth.

Dubbed ‘A Decade Of Unstoppable Hits’ the 1980s not only expanded existing music genres and technical achievement- it introduced even more.

The book features interviews with many of the singers, musicians and production staff behind the mega-hits of the 1980s.

Along with the interviews, the author provides a thorough examination of what occurred to make the decade so pivotal.

Music fans of all genres will want to read this fascinating book about the evolution of music in the 1980s.