Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Princesses and Squirrels

Disney and Parragon Books Ltd.: a perfect combination.  Mention Disney books and Parragon comes to mind.

Parragon does an outstanding job of translating Disney classics and characters to all sorts of books from story books to activities.

This time around Parragon concentrates on Disney Princesses with a trio of books kids are sure to enjoy, read and to do the activities.

The Disney Princess Mini Tin stars almost all of Disney’s cinema Princesses in a super-collection that includes a 64-page Activity Book, over 20 Stickers and a Sticker Scenes.

Filled with colorful illustrations, fun activities, puzzles and other fun things to do the activity books offers hours of puzzles to solve, problems to unravel and much more.

To add to the fun a fold-out, full-color magical scenes  lets kids create their own Princess scene using the 20 Stickers.

Everything comes in a colorful, embossed Mini Tin for safe keeping.

The Disney Tangles The Series The Dreamer In Me takes quizzes, diary pages, stickers, puzzles, activities and much, much more to whole new level.

The small, square-bound book features a sparkle cover starring Rapunzel pondering about her Secret Journal.

Wrapped in a protective clear, plastic cover the journal can be removed or left in its protective sleeve.

The sleeve also includes a clever zip tab compartment and tab sleeves in the front flap for sliding in notes, writing supplies and ‘secret’ stuff.

The problem is with most activity books are that they get completed and can never be used again.

The Wipe-Clean Activity Book solves that problem in clever and unique way.

Kids can enjoy the Disney Princess activities over and over again using the spiral-bound and maker-included Activity Book.  There’s even a handy handle cut out of the top of the book!

It’s simplicity itself!  Using the Wipe-Clean Marker kids simply wipe their pages clean.  Each page boasts a slick, glossy surface that the Marker easily wipes off of.

Mix and match, puzzle-solving and much more can be repeated over and over. 

All of the Disney Princess Puzzle and Activity Books include answers in the back of each book to every puzzle and activity.

Join two lovable and cute squirrels as they explore the woods and waters around their tree home in a delightful new book: Walk With Me, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller.

Young children are sure to love the adventures of the two squirrels as they climb trees, meet other forest and stream animals and fly with their bird friends.

It’s a heartfelt and family-friendly story of two good friends and the importance of home.