Thursday, January 11, 2018

Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood #1

I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first issue of Zenescope’s Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood #1.

First thing is first-the art is gorgeous.  Artist Allan Otero knows how to draw beautiful women (and everything else a story requires).  The coloring is top-rate.

The script by Ralph Tedesco is to-the-point, easy-to-follow and filled with some interesting twists and turns.

The story starts with a bang as Liesel Van Helsing dispatches a group of blood-thirsty vampires. 

But, when the last remaining vampire pleads with her to kill him she feels a sense of guilt and wonders why he would request such a thing.
With his dying breath the vampire utters, ‘Find Von.’

At about the same time Robyn Hood is meeting with a new client: the mother of a young man who made bad choices.  His name is Jared Whittier.

Both Robyn and Liesel follow their individual clues to a seedy nightclub, unaware they are both on the same case.  They run into each other –literally and decide to pool their resources.

Unfortunately for them their searching leads then to a room full of bedbound vampires.  Their discovery does not go unnoticed and they are attacked. 

Robyn struggles with one of the henchmen and suddenly feels weak.  When asked by Liesel what is wrong she turns her head and….that would be telling.

Be sure to pick up this first issue of a four-issue miniseries.  You will not be disappointed.