Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kids HearMuffs

Call me old-fashioned but I don’t remember the amount of loud noises everywhere when I was growing up.

It seems nowadays that wherever you go there are noise-lots of them-loud noises-unnecessary loud noises.

Radios blasting, movies that shake the theater with their soundtracks, traffic, sporting events, and shopping malls—there’s no escaping loud noises.

As adults we tend to tune-out most of the noises-or at least we try to.

But, what about young children?  Do they need to be bombarded from sound every second of every day?  Whatever happened to quiet times?

As a former teacher and a parent and grandparent I constantly warn kids (and their parents) that loud noises are detrimental to their child’s (and their own hearing). 

If I child is raised around loud noises from an early age it WILL have an effect on their hearing when they get older.

I can’t count the times I used to have to repeat myself to my students because they could not hear me.  And when I say repeat-I mean repeat what I said it loudly!

There is a solution, or least part of a solution.

The most logical solution is to avoid loud noise as much as possible.  If that is not possible all the time then parents should consider Lucid Audio’s Kids HearMuffs.

Here’s how they work. 

The smooth adjustable foam headphones slip over a child’s head.  They are adjustable for growing children and are made of kid safe material.

The padded ear phones muffle and tone down loud noises when cupped over a child’s ears.

Made for kids five to ten years old the HearMuffs are perfect for keeping loud noises out at sporting events, concerts, movies or for establishing quiet times.

If it’s important to parents that their child’s hearing is preserved.  The HearMuffs muffle noise and ensure that when the child grows to adulthood they continue to have great hearing.