Monday, March 19, 2018

Circuit Builder 59

 Are you tired of the building block kits for kids (and enthusiasts) that just sit there and do nothing?

Oh sure, you can build vehicles, buildings and other interesting objects-but do they do anything?

They may roll around, flicker a few lights, but mainly they just sit there-stagnant-immobile-boring!!!

Not anymore!

E-Blox’s Circuit Builder 59 does so much more. 

Simply set up the main building board and with the help of a few batteries build switches, install lights, make motors run, create a working fan, produce noises, light up some fiber optics and so much more!

Combine Circuit Builder 59 with other E-Box kits and the sky’s the limit.

Kids and adults alike can let their imaginations go wild while at the same time learning all about electricity and how to control it and use it.

Even better, combine E-Blox kits with other building block kits to make even more cool stuff.

Everything you need is included along with an instruction book that also contains interesting facts about electricity, circuitry and electronics.

So put a little ‘spark’ into you playtime.  You’re sure to get a ‘charge’ out of E-Bloxs.