Monday, April 9, 2018

All New Doomsday +1 #1

Long before he became a comic book superstar with such titles as The X-Men, Superman, Wonder Woman, Namor, Next Men and other memorable comic book series artist/writer John Byrne got his professional start at the now defunct Charlton Comics.

John’s first professional, creator series was the comic book: The All New Doomsday +1.

Issue #1 showcases John’s earlier work.  Indications of his incredible talent are evident with his command of interesting page layouts, character design and artistic proficiency.

The story starts out with a bang as a mad dictator sets in motion a nuclear war that wipes out most life on Earth.

Three astronauts, who had launched before the holocaust, witness the carnage and after scanning for radiation from space land back on Earth in Greenland.

Once landed they discover the ancient ice covering Iceland has started to thaw. 

They discover a frozen mastodon and its recently revived mastodon companion attacks them.

Suddenly a spear plunges into the mastodon.  Their lives are saved by the reanimated caveman named Kuno.

The caveman takes a liking to the stranded astronauts and the foursome set out to explore the globe in hopes of finding survivors.

For a glimpse at the early work of a future comic book legend be sure to read the entire Doomsday +21 series.