Friday, April 27, 2018

Asteroid Escape, Squirrels Go Nuts! and IQ Stars

A see a light at the end of the tunnel-no, really, I do!

“What tunnel?", you may ask.

Why the game tunnel.

With the predominance of video games over the past quarter of century it is encouraging when I spot more and more gamers abandoning their gaming consoles and playing real games: board games, strategy games and IQ challenging games.

That’s why I’m so excited that Smart Games keeps turning out games for the entire family-games that challenge players-games that bring the fun back into gaming.

Space, spaceships and asteroid field—admit it –who doesn’t like the adventure of challenging space?  What a perfect vehicle for a game.  I mean-if video games can do space, why can’t a single-player game put gamers into middle of the action.

Asteroid Escape pits a gamer’s wits, strategy and creativity to the max.

It sounds simple enough: a player has to navigate their spaceship through and asteroid field.  Simple?  Not so fast!

Did I mention that there are 60 challenges (contained in a small booklet) where a gamer must navigate their ship through shifting asteroids in order to escape?

Here’s the kicker, no asteroids can block your spaceship or obstruct its wings in order to escape.

Talk about a challenge!

Check out the cool 3D game board (with clear, plastic, protective cover), asteroids and an awesome spaceship with its red cockpit and thrusters. 

You have to think fast, avoid getting hit by asteroids and escape!

It’s time to go nuts.  No, really-you have to little go nuts, or should I say, go after nuts.

In Squirrels Go Nuts! A single player (six years old and up) must take on 60 challenges ranging from easy to expert.

Winter is coming on and it’s vitally important that squirrels hide away their nut supply underground.

You challenge is to maneuver your squirrels around the game board (avoiding flowers) and drop all of the nuts into holes. 

Trust me-it’s harder than it looks.

Those cute little squirrels don’t always cooperate and it may look like you’ve made the right moves to drop the nuts into holes-but don’t count your nuts yet!

Try not to get too ‘squirrely’ as you go nuts!

Are you ready to challenge your brain?  Do you have what it take to arrange groups of stars on a grid in 120 configurations?

If you have what it takes to win then IQ Stars is the single player game for you.

It looks easy, but placing seven stellar puzzle pieces on the board in the proper sequence is a real brain-buster. 

There are only so many holes to place the stars in and they only fit together as clusters in select configurations.

IQ Stars challenges gamers’ concentration, problem solving skills and logic.