Friday, April 20, 2018

Deluxe Stove Set

When I was a kid I drove my mom crazy.

I loved food.  I especially loved making up my own concoctions.

Just a few of my creations were a sandwich made with every conceivable type of ingredients: meat, peanut butter, jelly, vegetables—whatever was available at the time-all of which was stacked between almost a full loaf of bread slices. 

It was messy, but delicious.

I loved to make pan fries, mashed potatoes, fried eggs, cherry dumplings, fried chicken-you name it-I cooked it.

Mom didn’t mind the food so much as she did the mess I made making my creations:  dirty dishes, spilled food and especially a dirty stove and oven.

If you’ve raised kids then you know that every household has a pint size chef in the brood.

Wouldn’t it be nice if kids could learn to cook by pretending without the mess and cleanup?

Kangaroo has the perfect solution with its Pop-Oh-Ver Deluxe Stove Set that transforms a simple kitchen or dining room chair into a realistic looking stove and it’s so simple to do.

Simply remove the plastic inserts, seat base and folded Pop-Oh-Ver from their container and in less time than it takes to make a scrambled egg you’ll put together a realistic Stove Set.

Place, fold, slide, tie and instant play stove!  Easy as pie without the mess!

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions guide you along and 14 steps later kids have a make believe oven that’s durable, easy to clean and best of all a snap to put away.

No muss, no fuss, no dirty pots and pans and best of all-no clean up for mom or dad.

Made of durable canvas and heavy-gauge plastic, the Deluxe Stove Set comes in a protective sleeve inside a large decorative box with handle for easy storage.

What better way to encourage future chefs than to let their imaginations run wild?

An oven, four burners and even a microwave oven with an opening door make up the Stove Set.

Let’s get cooking!