Friday, April 6, 2018


Do you like some martial arts action?  Do you relish the idea of thrashing a bunch of bad guys?  Do you like music-hard, pulse-pounding music? 

Have I got the video game for you!  TERRORHYHM combines the best of music and some serious kick, flip, chop and general mayhem action into a cutting-edge video game available online.

Picture yourself in an ultra-modern, high-tech city where sound is illegal-unless of course you have BIG money.

The only problem is, you’re broke-but you love music.

Never one to let a little thing like money stop you, you crank up the sound.  Things go pretty good for a few minutes.

That is until the guardians of silence step in to take you down-or so they think!

This is your chance to show them you moves while the background music blares.

You time your attack with the beat of the music.  The louder and faster the better as you take on the bad guys with your lightning fast moves and flashing light effects (along with some pretty cool dance moves).

Crank up the difficulty level as the pace quickens, the bad guys increase and the backgrounds shift and change behind you as the music changes. 

As a graphic designer I am impressed with the graphics in TERRORHYTHM. 

They remind me of high concept Japanese Anime with lots of primary and secondary colors, stylized characters, cool effects and motion graphics and constantly shifting and morphing backgrounds.

Check it our courtesy of Evil Corporation Games.

Play with keyboard, controller or even with USB dance pad.  Even an old guy like me can play it.