Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trap And Gap Baseplates

In a previous review you’ve read where I wrote about Strictly Briks, the fun and colorful, snap-together, play Briks that let kids build all sorts of cool buildings, vehicles and just about anything else their fertile, little imaginations can come up with.

Along with the Briks there are Baseplates that the Briks can attach to for extra stability, especially when creating buildings and other stationary projects.

Recently Strictly Briks added a brand new Baseplates set to their already impressive selection.

The Trap And Gap Baseplates notch up the fun with some surprises.

Kids can take it to the next level with two Trap And Gap Baseplates measuring 10 inches by 10 inches, two Stackable Baseplates with the same measurements and 15 Stackers—that’s 19 pieces in all!

What makes the Trap And Gap Baseplates kit so much fun is that kids now have gaps, ramps and trap doors for dreaming up new adventures.

Just think of the possibilities: multi-level garages, trap doors to catch bad guys, secret exits and entrances and much more.

Combine with other Strictly Briks Baseplates and Briks and the sky’s the limit!

Trap And Gap Baseplates and Strictly Briks are designed for kids five years old and older.  Dream-create-grow!