Thursday, May 10, 2018

Black Panther

It’s about time!  Ever since he was introduced long ago in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four comic book, The Black Panther has been a fan favorite.

King T’Challa of the mythical and mysterious African kingdom of Wakanda was the first Black superhero introduced by Marvel Comics.

What made T’Challa so different was as black man he was not portrayed in a stereotypical manner such as a hip inner-city hustle, drug lord or over the top black man parody seen in movies, TV and other mass media outlets of the time.

He was/is royalty: not of a backward, third-world African monarchy but of a futuristic, highly-advanced African culture the likes of which the world had never witnessed before.

Recently the Black Panther movie conquered the Silver Screen and is set to be released on Blu-ray and DVD.

Titan Magazines has its own special Black Panther commemorative magazine that goes into full detail about T-Challa, his friends and allies, his enemies, the Wakanda nation, its incredible society and more.

Readers are privy to interesting and fascinating information about the film’s production, concept art, special effects, stunts, costume design and each and every facet of the film’s production.

Full-color photos, along with art, and some very special behind-the-scenes secrets are included.

It’s a magnificent Official Movie Special that Black Panther, movie, Marvel Comics and comic book fans are sure to enjoy.