Saturday, May 12, 2018

Marvel Legends: Proxima Midnight, Iron Spider, Captain America, Marvel’s Songbird and Black Panther

Courtesy of Hasbro Toys’ Marvel Comics Build A Figure Legend Series comes five new figures that are sure to satisfy the most discerning toy collectors and kids.

What a combination!  Not only can collectors purchase high-quality action figures (in their respective boxes) but kids can enjoy the figures as they were meant to be--as toys to play with! 

What a concept!

Let’s start with the things all the figures have in common.

All come packaged in stand-up/hang-up boxes with clear plastic view panels in the front.

The figures are secured in placed with form-fitting, molded clear, plastic slip-sleeves that keep the figures from shifting, popping loose in the boxes and ensure that the figures neither rub the interior of the boxes or viewing panels and provide a perfect pose for each figure.

On the back of each box is a large full-color photo of the contained figure along with small headshots of the other figures in that particular series.  It’s a great way to know what figures are needed to complete a set.

Each figure is expertly crafted and painted.  Those figures that are fashioned after the movie versions of the heroes look exactly like their respective namesakes complete with full facial details, hair and eyes-the works! 

Take a moment to examine the faces and marvel at the intricate paint application right down to the whites of the eyes, skin-tone variations and overall look of each character

Hands, feet, torso, arms and legs are perfectly in scale and shy away from static poses.  The figures look as if they can move.  Weight distribution of the bodies looks accurate, as well as the anatomy.

Articulation is through the roof with full ball and joint articulation in the shoulders and hips, pivoting waists and upper torso, hinged elbows and knees, twist and turn wrists and ankles, upper leg slide and pivot and complete torso bend and twist capabilities.

Each figure is easy to pose with no support needed to stand or kneel in different positions-due in no small part to the articulation.

Sculpting is top notch with no flashing or bleed-over in the color of the parts.  Parts fit together snuggly with no wobble or mismatched edges and the figures that have removable hands and heads remove easily and snap securely into place.

The Proxima Midnight figure represents one of Thanos’ Black Order members as seen in the Avengers: Infinity War movie.

Proxima stands approximately seven-inches tall and comes with her silver, triple blade staff weapon.

The figure is dressed in black and white battle armor with her left shoulder protected by golden armor as is her left lower arm. 

Her face is a combination of grey with black cheek accents and red spotted brow, while her over accented brows/horns sweep back into her raven black hair.

Her right hand can grasp the staff weapon.  She is slightly taller than the other Infinity War figures and as part of the Thanos Build A Figure Series she comes with chest of Thanos.

Tony Stark knew of the possible dangers posed by Thanos so he outfitted Spider-Man with a new costume with technological enhancements.

The Iron Spider Spider-Man figure captures the thin build and athletic look of Spider-Man.  While most of his outfit emulates his traditional costume there are differences: such as gold piping, an accented spider emblem on his chest and the overall look of high-tech gadgetry being integrated into his costume. 

Spidey’s hands are positioned in typical web-shooting configuration and his large white-lens eyes truly capture the classic arachnid hero.

Spider-Man is also a part of the Thanos series and comes with the right leg of Thanos. 

I’m really impressed by the intricate tech accents of the figure with some looking like they are applied with a single brush strand.

The First Avenger: Steve Rogers/Captain America, having abandoned his old red, white and blue outfit is now dressed in a more somber version of his famous battle gear.

While still blue and red, his uniform is a much darker version of his original with his chest star being solid black (referring back to his Nomad days?).

Now sporting a full, blond beard, Cap comes dressed in reinforced and protective gear including a utility belt, protective knee pads, shoulder straps, a black gloved left hand, rolled up sleeves and heavy black combat boots.   

Included with Cap is a set of clenched hands and his Wakanda silver, Vibranium shield.

Also part of the Thanos series, Cap comes with Thanos’ head (nasty!).

While part of the Thanos series Marvel’s Songbird is not included in the Infinity War but is instead part of the Avenger’s.

Songbird is the most colorful of the figures with her white mid-thigh boots, low slung golden belt with red buckle, gold gauntlets, gold with red heart shoulder pads, white chest emblem, black arms, waist and upper leg coverings and black gloved hands.

Her red lips highlight her large eyes and sharp features while her red and white streaked hair gives her an almost surreal look. 

She also comes with a set of translucent red wings that attach and detach easily from her back.  She reminds me of the earlier Phoenix figure in the Legends series.

The right arm of Thanos comes with the Songbird figure.

The Black Panther figure portrays the Panther as seen in the blockbuster movie of the same name. 

Like the movie figure the Legends Panther sports a silver claw necklace, open silver claw hands and a silver accented face and uniform that looks both high-tech and traditional African tribe attire in its design.

You can replace his open claw hands with closed fist hands and substitute his head (without a mask).

As part of the build a Figure Okoye series the figure comes with Okoye’s head.

All of the figures stand approximately six inches tall except for Proxima Midnight.

Everything about the figures hits the mark from packaging to articulation, sculpt, paint and color applications and the little ‘extras’.

Hasbro has done an outstanding job of bringing the Marvel Universe of characters to life, albeit in miniature form.

Whether you’re a toy collector or just like playing with action figures you can’t go wrong with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series.