Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Movie Posters X 4

I love movies.  I have my favorites of course.  The whole concept of taking moving pictures to convey stories on a large screen fascinates me as it does millions of other movie-goers.

Ever since the genesis of movies promotional movie posters have drawn in crowds.  Some movie posters have become so popular and iconic that they sell for thousands of dollars apiece.

Most people can identify movies by their posters.  But what if there were alternative versions of famous posters?  Would they be as recognizable as the originals and as memorable?

I believe they would.

Authors Fredric Claquin and Jack Woodhams have compiled an impressive collection of alternate/new visions of movie posters created by Arttitude in Posterspy Alternative Movie Poster Collection published by Schiffer Books.

What an amazing book!  Every genre of film is represented.

Artists from Arttitude are represented in their own sections complete with their alternate movie poster collections.

What a treat for the eyes.  As a graphic designer I am amazed at the diversity of styles, media used and sheer technical skills needed to create each and every piece.

Presented in full-color with numerous posters per page this deluxe hardbound book is sure to be a hit with die-hard movie lovers.

If you’re a huge movie poster fan like me then you are sure to want to pick up three more movie poster books from Schiffer which include price guides.

Each handsome, hardbound book contains full-color poster reproductions from every genre of movies.

Titles include Movie Posters 75 Years Of Academy Award Winners, Hollywood Movie Posters 1914-1990 and The World’s Rarest Movie Posters.

All are chockfull of brilliant, full-color poster reproductions, complete price listings for various conditions and lots of historical informational text.

If you love movies these are the books for you.