Thursday, May 17, 2018

Write And Wipe Get Ready For Pre-K

Kids grow up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday that my grandson was born and here he is already 13 months old!

He’s walking, starting to say words and is into everything!

It’s exciting to see a child grow, and a little frightening.

You want your child to be prepared to go into the world.  One important step is to teach them how to write, identify objects and develop their cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Scholastic Books and illustrator Charly Lane believe the same things.

The Write And Wipe Get Ready For Pre-K book is the perfect way to encourage writing and number skills, along with eye-hand coordination.

The coated, heavy-paper stock book comes with a wipe and clean marker that allows children to trace shapes, letters, numbers, objects, and lines.

Other activities include matching shapes, colors, objects, people, animals and much more.

The book is brimming with full-color photos and art that are ready to be traced or matched using the wipe-clean pen.