Saturday, July 28, 2018

Coasters, Boardwalk and Country Fair

Many years ago, growing up in Michigan, one of my favorite things to do in the summer was to go with my family to the Walled Lake Amusement Park.
Like most small amusement parks of the time it had its standard fare of rides and attractions: The Hall Of Mirrors, The Spook House, The Merry-Go-Round, etc.

By far my favorite was the old, wooden roller coaster.  It creaked, shook, made strange noises and rattled my bones- I loved every minute!

Author Thomas Crymes and Schiffer Books also love roller coasters and to prove it they have released the book: American Coasters: A Thrilling Photographic Ride.

This deluxe hardbound book offers an up-close-and-personal look at some the greatest roller coaster rides from all over America.

Brilliant full-color photos capture the thrill of riding all sorts of roller coasters, from old rickety wooden coasters to the more modern steel, death-defying loops-the-loop monstrosities that challenge gravity itself.

Regardless of the type of roller coaster you enjoy, this book covers them all with luscious in-your-face and up-close color photos accompanied by captions and interesting text.

It seems that Thomas Crymes can’t get enough of roller coasters so he came out with a second book about them with American Coasters 2: Coast To Coast.

Inside are even more thrill-a-minute roller coaster photos taken from different angles and perspectives, ranging from front seats, spectator to passenger shots.

It’s a thrill ride like no other as you get to experience the joy, chills and pure take-your-breath-away action.

For a different type of summer and holiday bundle of thrills and fun times author Dean Davis invites readers to tag along as he explores Ocean City NJ Boardwalk 2½ Miles of Summer 2nd Edition.

Beside thrill rides the boardwalk also includes arcades, restaurants, fishing, boat and recreational rides, an ocean beach, a water park, miniature golf, food, treats, refreshments and everything else anyone could ever want to enjoy the days of summer.

Full-color photos spotlight all of the attractions and eateries accompanied by text recounting the history of each facility along with some other interesting facts.

Country Fairs are big in the South.  My family and I have attended our fair share and enjoy the hometown festivities, food and fellowship.

In Michael P. Gadomski’s Scenes From The Country Fair readers get to experience what hometown America is all about.

Live stock and cooking exhibitions and competitions, demolition derbies, midways, carnival foods, funky sideshows, thrill rides and all the other trappings and temptations associated with Country Fairs are represented so readers can experience them all via the full-color photos.

Photo captions explain each action or event.  What a wonderful way to experience hometown America with all of its variety of crafts, foods, activates and especially its people.

This is America at its finest not encumbered by the political and social issues of the day.  It’s life for the moment as enjoyed by family and friends.