Monday, August 27, 2018

Code Your Own Adventure

As long as I was a working graphic design professional I never got used to computer coding.  HTML was way above my brain capabilities.  Looking at and crating page after page of coding tested my patience, strained my brain and (quite frankly) bored me to tears.
If only coding was easier and more fun.

Guess what?   Now it is!

Code Your Own Adventure (using Scratch) makes coding fun, fast and enjoyable.

QED Publishing and Max Wainewright have published a wonderful new book that teaches kids how to code their very own missions from Space to Pirates, Jungle and Knight adventures.

Using easy to understand instructions (even an adult can understand them) and colorful graphics the book leads readers through step-by-step on and about adding text, graphics, choosing colors and much more.
You can choose your mission and get ready to score!

The book may be written for kids, but this adult plans to learn a few tricks about coding and have fun in the process.