Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Warner Bros./Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! animated TV show jumps from the small screen to the big Silver Screen in this brand new Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Combo: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.
Movies will never be the same as the crazy, fast-paced and totally unpredictable adventures of everyone’s favorite teen super team (Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy) heads to the movie capital of the world to make their fame and fortune.

And why not?  Every other superhero is getting their own movie, why shouldn’t the Teen Titans?

Things look rosy at first for the Teen Titans as they attempt to convince the Tinsel Town powers that be to front their first feature film.  Throw in a few madcap antics, a couple of musical numbers and maybe, just maybe, the Teen Titans will be walking down the red carpet to stardom.

Of course, then there’s the super villain Slade who messes up their plans and puts the Teen Titans through their paces as they fight to stop his worldwide, crystalline, nefarious plans. Things are not always what they appear to be-especially in Hollywood and with Slade.

Get ready for some laughs, ooh! and ahhs!, a few special cameos and all sorts of frantic fun, adventure and tongue-in-cheek goofiness that only the Teen Titans can deliver.

Extras include a music video, a sing-a-long, several featurettes, a special song, storyboard antics and more.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set

Green Toys you just made my day!  Your new Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set is the perfect toy/activity for my grandson.
He’s discovered that he likes to draw, tinker with things (sometimes making a mess), build stuff and loves things squishy and moldable.

The Green Toys Arts & Crafts Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set is the perfect toy for youngsters to keep them busy, fire their imaginations, develop their sensory exploration, promote their dexterity and creativity.

It comes with three tubs of kid-safe dough (red, blue and yellow) and includes cutting and molding tools to form the dough (all perfect for little hands and all kid safe).

It also includes a full-color, Sesame Street scene play mat with instructions on its reverse side and pop-out Sesame Street characters’ eyes, noses and mouths.

Kids can make their own original dough creations or form their favorite Sesame Street pals.

No matter how you shake it, kids can make and create their favorite furry friends. Cut! Pop out! Create!  

Mother Is Coming

It’s the phrase that every kid dreads hearng when they’ve done something they shouldn’t have, “Mother Is Coming.”
It’s appropriate that the latest Fox Trot Collection from Andrews McMeel Publishing is called just that.
After all, the Fox Trot kids aren’t exactly known for their stellar behavior.  

Get ready for a boatload of silliness, nerdiness, family head-on collisions and the usual mayhem when siblings clash and poor mom and dad are caught in the middle.

Here’s just a few of the moments of mayhem in this newest collection: a snowball fight, static electricity zaps, speedball clustering, Avengers antics, drones, Halloween hijinx, gingerbread men extras, lizard love, pasta, a digital Christmas, bacteria funny faces and 4th of July hamburgers.

For all of this and other assorted oddities, outrageous situations and just plain strange goings on, be sure to pick up this latest Fox Trot (full-color) collection.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Beasts Of Balance

I’m a klutz.  My sense of balance is almost non-existent.  Thankfully there is a new game that allows me to perfect my balance and it doesn’t require me to contort my own body just to stay upright.
Beasts Of Balance combines the best of both a physical game and a digital game in one colorful package that is both visually pleasing and encourages skill, strategy and creativity.

Sensible Object not only features 3D physical game pieces but also incorporates virtual/digital RFID, Lead Sensors and Bluetooth.

Set up your game on any table or flat surface and go digital using any device such as computer, TV, phone or tablet.  2D and 3D combine to make gaming fun!

Players choose an Artefact/Beast to play. Touch the Beast to the Plinth Play-base and then stack it onto the tower.

Beasts are worth different points: Warthog 3, Octopus 3, Toucan 3, Bear 6, Shark 6 and Eagle 6.  Pieces represent Land, Sea and Sky.

Carefully stack each Beast and as you do so the app will display on your phone, tablet, TV or computer your evolved creature as you play Cross pieces. 

This is where skill, strategy and balance come into play. Be careful to stack your Beasts so they balance. One wrong move and they’ll collapse.

The player with the highest score and a still standing tower of Beasts wins!

The game consists of 25 pieces, is best played by those seven years old and up, one to five players can play and usually takes about 15 minutes.

It’s the stacking game that comes to life!

The heavy duty box comes with two tiers that form fit game pieces in place, a center Play-base and instructions. 

Magformers Sky Track Adventure 44Pc Set

One of my all-time favorite toys when I was about 10-12 years old was my HO Racing Set.
It consisted of a racetrack and two cars-one of which was the Batmobile.

My friends and I would spend hours racing the cars around the tracks.  Sometimes we would slightly alter the shape of the track-but it had its limitations.  There were a few curves and a slight incline.

It was fun to race the cars but stunts and acrobatic tricks were out of the question.

What if I told you that you could play with a racetrack that has twists, turns, see-saws, steep inclines and even lets you take your vehicle off-road.  Did I mention the vehicle can turn upside down?!

With the Magformers Sky Track Adventure 44Pc Set you can do all that and so much more!

Why limit yourself to only a couple of track variations?  With the Sky Track you can change and manipulate the track into several different setups.  

Using Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, the play set is not restricted by gravity like other racetracks.  The space-age vehicle can spin completely upside down, raise up on the Lift-track and slide effortlessly into the six-wheel Sky Car and drive away for the track.  Now that’s a racetrack!

Consisting of 44, brightly colored pieces, the Sky Track Adventure Set is rugged, easy to assemble and offers hours of fun and adventure for young (and old) minds.

The heavy duty Magformers box secures individual pieces in place in snug, shaped cubby holes behind a form-fitting clear plastic cover.  Instructions are included.

Why limit yourself to one setup when the Sky Track Adventure Set offers so many ways to play?  The simple stop/go controls make racing fun and easy.  

It’s the intelligent magnetic construction set for brain development.  It also encourages critical thinking, motor skills and problem solving.