Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Four More Years

It’s hard to believe in just a little over four years I’ll be 70 years old.  Where has the time gone?
About that same time my wife and I will be married forty years.  WOW!  I’m surprised she’s put up with me that long.  She's a sweetie and the love of my life.

We have few things planned when 70 comes along.  

We plan on downsizing and possibly buying a small condo or moving into a retirement community.

Part of that downsizing will be my collection of toys, comic books, etc.  You can just imagine the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated in the past 60+ years (especially since I started Collectors’ Corner back in 1992).

I’ve already separated my comic books into Golden, Silver, Copper and Modern categories.  My plan is to sell the more expensive comic books individually and the less expensive titles in groups.

I’ve already sold off or traded a great deal of my toys.

I already have several friends and collectors that are interested in buying the lion’s share of my stuff. Hopefully everything will go quickly and I’ll get a good price for my collectibles.  The money would make a nice retirement supplement for my wife and I.

I have boxes filled with trading cards and game cards, a HUGE library of books primarily about comic books, movies, TV shows and the like and an impressive DVD/Blu-ray collection.

Once I’ve cleared most of my collectibles out (I will keep a few items), it’s time to renovate and touch-up our home for sale.

Painting the walls and refinishing the floors in the garage, removing wallpaper in several interior rooms and painting them, replacing several appliances, a new roof, possibly a new central air and heating system and various other patch, paint and repair projects should keep us busy for several months.

We plan on selling off much of our furniture and appliances or giving them to family members.  Once everything is done, we’ll finalize our estate planning and funeral arrangements. sell the house, buy a new car, move and settle in for (hopefully) many more years of retirement together.

We hope to travel, visit family (what’s left) and enjoy our Golden Years.  God willing we’ll stay healthy and when it’s time to leave this Earthly Realm everything will be set up so our kids will inherit what property and funds we have left over.
It’s not easy planning for one’s final days.  As humans we tend to think we’ll never get old and death seems so far away when we are young.

But as the years pile up and our bodies refuse to do the things they used to do, our sight becomes dim, our hearing impaired, our walk a little bit slower and unsteady and our memories not as reliable as they used to be,  it’s time to face the cold, hard fact that everyone dies.

I’m grateful that my wife and I know where we are headed once we pass from this world.  Both of us are Christians and we’re saved.  She and I look forward to our next phase of existence.  Of course, we’re in no big hurry.

As humans we tend to think of ourselves as earthbound beings.  However, we are are not temporary creations.  We live forever; be it in Heaven or Hell.  

Which one we spend eternity in is our choice-it’s that simple.  Trust God, believe Jesus Christ is the savior who died for our sins and paid the price or trust in our own works.

Christ is the way. Works mean nothing when it comes to determining if we go to Heaven.

I urge anyone reading this article to consider salvation through Christ.  No tricks, no I have to belong to a certain church or follow outrageous rules and no name it and claim it, it all boils down to just you and Christ and whether you accept his free gift of salvation.  The decision is yours, make the right one.