Monday, October 29, 2018

Mother Is Coming

It’s the phrase that every kid dreads hearng when they’ve done something they shouldn’t have, “Mother Is Coming.”
It’s appropriate that the latest Fox Trot Collection from Andrews McMeel Publishing is called just that.
After all, the Fox Trot kids aren’t exactly known for their stellar behavior.  

Get ready for a boatload of silliness, nerdiness, family head-on collisions and the usual mayhem when siblings clash and poor mom and dad are caught in the middle.

Here’s just a few of the moments of mayhem in this newest collection: a snowball fight, static electricity zaps, speedball clustering, Avengers antics, drones, Halloween hijinx, gingerbread men extras, lizard love, pasta, a digital Christmas, bacteria funny faces and 4th of July hamburgers.

For all of this and other assorted oddities, outrageous situations and just plain strange goings on, be sure to pick up this latest Fox Trot (full-color) collection.

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