Monday, December 24, 2018

Hitler, Laurel & Hardy and WWII

Without a doubt Adolf Hitler ranks as one of the most evil men in history.  

His German Nazi Party terrorized Europe pre and during World War II, the S.S. performed unspeakable acts of cruelty and horror and his plan to eliminate the Jewish people and anyone else who he deemed as a threat demonstrated just how perverted and evil he was.

Mill Creek Entertainment examines the mad dictator in the Secret Stories Of Hitler DVD/Digital Combo containing three documentaries along with filmmaker discussions, a propaganda featurette and interviews.

In Swastika filmmakers look at Hitler’s personal life via home movies by his lover Eva Braun.  In it viewers see Hitler at play, on picnics and taking part in other day-to-day activities.  It’s difficult to believe such an evil man joked with friends and went to social events.

Hitler: The Untold Story is a 6-part documentary tracing Hitler from his youth up until his death.

Viewers learn about his early days, the events that molded his life and the propaganda that painted quite a different picture of the ruthless dictator’s life.

U-Boats: Hitler’s Sharks examines Hitler’s mad plan to rule the seas using submarines.  His plan was to stymie any attempt by the Allies to provide supplies to the British Isles and Europe.

On a lighter note: the Laughable, Lovable Legends The Laurel & Hardy Comedy Collection DVD/Digital Combo spotlights the famous comedy duo who so influenced comedy actors that followed them, even to this day.

Their comedic genius shines through in a series of shorts, features and solo films.

Although most of their films were filmed close to a century ago, Laurel & Hardy are just as hilarious, outrageous and funny today.

WWII Behind The Front lines Of The War That Shook The World brings viewers right into the battle field with first-hand accounts, filmstrips and films taken from the front lines.

Authentic footage follow the foot soldiers, pilots and sailors that fought the good fight regardless of their personal safety and loss of life.

Learn all about The Finest Hours Of WWII, Combat Aircrafts and the Waves Of Freedom.  Never forget!

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